Meet the team

Meet the team of professionals who create scientific solutions to address social issues across the globe using innovative technology and established management practices.

Sridharan Sivan

Founder & Chairman

Sridharan Sivan is the Founder of S10 Health, and has always been a highly motivated, successful entrepreneur throughout his life. He has set up and managed 5 extremely successful businesses in the past and is currently on to his 6th and clearly the most exciting venture till date.

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Afser Shariff

Co - Founder & Cheif Medical Officer

Afser Shariff is the Co – Founder & Chief Medical Officer of S10 Health having assumed this role in 2013, 7 years after having founded and managed Physicians Angels Inc. as its CEO. At S10 Health, Dr. Shariff plays a key role in developing the company.

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M. Prem Anand

Executive Director - Solutions Engineering

Prem Anand is the Executive Director – Solutions Engineering at S10 Health. He has over a decade of experience in IT and outsourcing, specializing in U.S. healthcare. Following his passion on blending healthcare and technology

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Mir Zakir Ali

Executive Director - Solutions Delivery

Zakir is the Executive Director – Solutions Delivery of S10 Health and is responsible for complete operations of the organisation. He has nearly 2 decades of business experience which includes ten years of managing out-sourced healthcare services.

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Dr.Sushindri Sridharan

Director and Chief medical officer – India Operations

Dr.Sushindri Sridharan is a "doctorpreneur" who strongly believe the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in healthcare will provide more effective outcomes . She is a doctor and holds an entrepreneurship degree from Havard business school.

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Kevin Brady

President - US Operations

Kevin has been overseeing the US operations of S10 Health ever since 2011. He has over two decades of government and private sector experience and has specialized in international economic development and project management in the Middle East and South Asia.

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