Dr. Dinesh Kumar D

Dr. Dinesh Kumar D

MD FIAMS FRCP (Glasgow) FRCP (London)

Dr D Dinesh Kumar, practices Dermatology & allied fields at Dr Dinesh’s Skin & Hair Clinic at Nungabakkam. His practice though predominantly involves Cosmetic & Procedural Dermatology (Skin, Hair, PRP & LASERs), he also practices General Dermatology with special focus on Paediatric Dermatology. He is also a qualified Paediatric Dermatologist, having obtained his IADVL Fellowship in Paediatric Dermatology from Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, Chennai. He was awarded the Membership (MRCPS) of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG), United Kingdom. He takes special interest in making the patient understand the actual medical condition and the necesscity of the treatments.




Dr.Dinesh Skin and Hair Clinic is dedicated to provide the most advanced solutions in skin care and cosmetic treatments. We make you feel special about yourself through our accurate diagnosis and correct treatment.Dr.Dinesh employs new and safer technology and an experienced eye to enhance your natural beauty. A scientific approach, widely researched treatment modalities and exceptional clinical experience helps to ensure utmost patient satisfaction. At Dr.Dinesh Skin and hair Clinic,every procedure is aesthetically planned and performed to give the most beautiful, natural looking results you want. Indeed we promise to make you feel good inside and look good outside.

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