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  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar D
    Dr. Dinesh Kumar D Dermatology MD FIAMS FRCP (Glasgow) FRCP (London)
  • Dr. Jayakar Thomas
    Dr. Jayakar Thomas Dermatology MD. DD. MNAMS. PhD. FAAD. FIAD. FIAP FRCP (Edin). FRCP(Glasgow). FRCP (London).FRCP( Ireland).FRCPCH (London).
  • Dr. Padam Kumar  M
    Dr. Padam Kumar M Dermatology MBBS .MD
  • Dr. Sivayogana Suresh S
    Dr. Sivayogana Suresh S Dermatology MBBS MD
  • Dr. Rajesh Rajagopalan R
    Dr. Rajesh Rajagopalan R Dermatology MBBS MD DNB (DVD)
  • Dr. Indrani Dey
    Dr. Indrani Dey Dermatology MBBS.MD
  • Dr. Udhay  Sidhu
    Dr. Udhay Sidhu Dermatology MBBS.MD
  • Dr. Muthu Subramaniam S
    Dr. Muthu Subramaniam S Dermatology FRCP ( UK ) ,MD ( Dermatology)
  • Dr. Mary  Antony
    Dr. Mary Antony Dermatology MBBS,DDVL
  • Dr. Savitha AS
    Dr. Savitha AS Dermatology MBBS,MD
  • Dr. Jasmine S
    Dr. Jasmine S Dermatology MBBS,DDVL
  • Dr. Dhanalakshmi UR
    Dr. Dhanalakshmi UR Dermatology MBBS, DD,MD(Derm),Dip NB
  • Dr. Jayanth DP
    Dr. Jayanth DP Dermatology MBBS DVD MS ( Counselling and psychotherapy) PG Diploma (Sexology)
  • Dr. Deepthi Ravi
    Dr. Deepthi Ravi Dermatology M.B.B.S, M.D, MRCPS(Glasg)
  • Dr. Ravindra Babu P
    Dr. Ravindra Babu P Dermatology MBBS, DDVL
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