Virtual PHR
Provide Patient Health records in 24 hours
Virtual PHR provides absolute summation of a patient's medical history that can be accessed online. Meaningful use of regulation requires a patients' health records be provided within 24 hours' time period. Our Virtual Scribes seamlessly integrate the medical report from patient charts to PHR, which is made available on the Patient Portal.
Benefits of Virtual PHR
Our Virtual Scribes transcribe the EMR charts in a meaningful way that will be uploaded to the Patient Portal for the health seeker to access.

Integration of PHR involvesdata storage, processing, and exchange into the clinic's existing platform. It is implemented effortlessly on cloud platform
We are offering a patient portal free and using the scribe to populate the PHR data into the patient portal for 3$ per chart.
No implementation headache
Based on the clinics specialization, reach out to the appropriate health seekers, based on insurance type and provide real time availability status for booking appointments.
Patients can conveniently access their medical records and schedule appointments all under one portal, thereby gaining the patients loyalty to revisit the clinic.
How Virtual PHR works?
After Charting

Scribes transcribes the charts and uploads it into Patient portal for the patient to view.

Doctor approval

Doctor reviews the charts and clears it for publishing.

Email to patient

Email is sent to the patient to view their health record of the consultationare confirmed.