Build a Successful Healthcare Practice
by increasing savings, enhancing customer experience and improving outcomes
Joining S10 Health SafeCare Network will bring in new opportunities, more business and faster returns. Combining our expertise with your capabilities will allow us to rapidly build and sustain a large and loyal health seeker base. In line with our fundamentals, S10 Health SafeCare offers a scientific solution for the Clinics with minimal infrastructure requirements. S10 Health SafeCare solution powers you to a robust, secure and scalable platform seamlessly. The four solution enablers - technology, quality process, services and branding provides all that clinic need to reach and meet the needs of health seekers.
Reasons for being a part of the SafeCare Network
by listing in SafeCare Network & committing to SafeCare Standards quality process.
with myClinic App for modern solo & group practices.
by providing a convenient myHealth App for a long term relationship.
through an unified Practise Marketing Tool.
with Business Management Dashboard using key business impact parameters.
using CRM module to measure and respond to key customer needs.
How do you benefit?

S10Health's Safecare brings individual clinics together under one standard and offer benefits like buying power, marketing, operations systems, customer support and training and many other elements that level the playing field for the clinics to not only compete, but also to grow and thrive.

Patient Benefits


More attentive care, Smooth patient experience, Reduce confusion and anxiety.

Provider Benefits


Speed up treatment cycles, Reduce clerical work, Avoid medical errors, Prevent treatment interupptions, Save family time.

  SafeCare Listing

Being part of S10 Health Safecare network optimises key aspects of the practise that is necessary to attract high-end patients, generate consistent positive reviews and patient referrals. The SafeCare framework focuses on three aspect that forms the key pillar for a successful healthcare practise. If any of them are substandard, it can overshadow even the most brilliant physicians. The SafeCare standards is a unique model that can be used as the base to move to standards move to NABH and other global standards without much tweaking. SafeCare standards unifies the process, technology, and people within a single workflow to avoid broken and repeat work. Once a clinic is SafeCare certified it is listed in This allows the clinics to leverage the brand benefits of the entire s10health network clinics, Safecare standards and Listing provides recognizable and consistent brand experience.

Step I : Creating a great foundation for an excellent patient experience

Before pursuing ratings, reviews, referrals or any other sources of feedback, it's important to establish a foundation for online and offline reputation of the practise. Without a solid foundation, administrators are always plugging holes and bailing water, instead of sailing. The commitment phase of SafeCare standards ensures that a strong foundation is laid. It announces that the management is committed to provide quality healthcare. The three ket aspects that are covered in this phase are

Organization : Defining the structure, management and the collective goal that the clinic is pursuing.

  •   • Scope of Services
  •   • Identification of Barriers
  •   • Display of Services
  •   • Standard Billing Tariff
  •   • Display of Services
  •   • Regulatory and Compliance
  •   • Leadership
  •   • Management
  •   • Mission Statement
  •   • Ethical Management
  •   • Ownership
  •   • Affiliation and Accreditations

  • Physical Office Infrastructure- Clinic aesthetics and amenities affect patient's mood and spark their first impression. Before soliciting online reviews and feedbacks, Clinics have to ensure that the physical infrastructure meets the customer expectation. SafeCare standard physical infrastructure checklist help assess the current situation and recommendations for an ideal clinic. Not only the patients appreciate and remember their experience, the staff will also feel more comfortable and friendly.

  • Staffs- Taking stock of the current staffs, the roles and the gap in capability to deliver an excellent customer experience is critical.

Step II - Governance

A healthcare provider may be licensed to provide healthcare services but if the day to day services are not guided by policies or procedures may result in potentially high risk or unsafe outcomes. The governance phase will provide a model for key functions that are critical in delivery of quality healthcare to be monitored systematically .

The first step is to set up the governing council. The objective of setting the governing council are three folds,

  •   • Establishing a structured process and procedures based SOP guidelines for core clinical activities
  •   • To ensure implementations and adherence to these process.
  •   • Periodic or on demand meeting to identify gaps and variants and approve changes to the same.
    The areas of governance
  •   • Patient grievance and redressal system : Mechanism to capture grievances and system to address it.
  •   • EMR & Information security : Implementation of various technologies like Scheduler, EMR, Prescription, Billing and PHR in the clinic to operate and manage the health records within the purview of the law of the land.
  •   • Physical security, safety & infection control : Checklists to execute and monitor on daily basis security, safety and infection control activities.
  •   • Business performance : Goals for key business performance metrics and monthly monitoring of the progress

On implementation of the governance phase the clinic will be accustomed to operate according to the standardised SOP and monitors implementation through various checklists systematically.

Step III - Engagement

The success of the practise is in engaging with all stakeholders to work for the best outcomes for the patients. The objective of the engagement phase is to

  •   • Ensuring patient rights norms defined by the governing law,
  •   • All stake holders staying on the same page and responding to patient needs in the most appropriate and fast manner is the underlying theme of the engagement phase.
  • The stake holder engagement covered are :

  •   • Patient engagement : This provides the means the health seekers to easy access to the clinic services and their health records.
  •   • Employee engagement : A patient's interpersonal experience with the practice can sway his or her overall opinion. This makes friendly staff members (especially the front desk team) indispensable. Adequate staffing, hiring the right people and staff training ensures that they are trained to engage with customers in a pleasing manner. Job description, induction and training.
  •   • Vendor engagement : Proper vendor contract template for labs, suppliers and pharmacies.

  Clinic App & Cloud

  Patient App & Cloud

Give your Patients free App and cloud interface to stay in touch with the clinic with a highly secured and privacy governed system. The app creates a self help environment for the patient to access anywhere and anytime the patient can access clinical records, book appointments, online payments and communicate with the clinic in a highly secured environment.

  • Omni Channel- Increase convenience with online bookings for physical visits and virtual consulting.
  • Virtual consultation- Increase additional revenue stream for the clinic through our virtual consulting that combines video, voice and chat with easy online payment option.
  • Online Check-in- Get notified when patients checks in for an appointment
  • Health data - Easily share patient visit data through the app conveniently
  • Health dashboard - Patients can view their key health vitals trend visually
  • Medication- Patients can now view their Prescription records, request prescription refills and get medication alerts
  • Scan records - Help patients avoid paper records. Patients can scan and make tighter past insurance certificate, bills, lab reports and discharge summary and make it electronic to be available anytime and anywhere in the cloud and mobile.
  • Patient communications- Schedules, recall, get patient feedbacks and reactivate patients with App notifications.

  Practise Marketing

Expand your reputation through proactive outreach. With wide variety of methods and silo marketing tools a medical practise can get overwhelmed. We have streamlined the practice marketing with top ideas and tools to an integrated dashboard to execute your practise branding and marketing with unique perspective and approach

  • Website- Create a Website in 20 mins with template for general medicine, primary care, dental, eye, dermatology, cosmetology, diabetes, sports medicine, fertility and wellness. The main features of the website are.
    •   • Information about the clinic, treatments, Doctors, location and uniqueness of the clinic.
    •   • Online appointment booking.
    •   • Online consulting for treatments and services.
    •   • SEO for the locality to ensure that the clinic name shows up for any search in the locality.
    •   • Feedback & Grievances.
  • Packages marketing-Preconfigured marketing module for high-end services pre-configured as premium packages for the convenience of patients.
  • Social media- Social media, blog and news integration to the website. Social media content repository to help create posts on the fly.
  • Community marketing- Access to Corporates, Schools and Residential community of s10health with modules for conducting camps and continuous engagement.
  • Campaigns- Run digital campaigns that drive better patient engagement and thereby bring increase referrals and online bookings through AdWords and Social Channels.
  • Email- Newsletter marketing module, SMS, email to remind patients when they are due to check-ups.
  • Referral management- Access to doctors of the safeCare network to generate referrals.

  Customer Relationship Management

Now that a solid foundation for a great reputation and practice outreach is built it is time to convert the health seekers as loyal clientele who would come back and refer other customers. These are powerful voices who can create or destruct a practise. Healthcare is built on trust. Patient reviews, focussed on improving as per patient feedback and creating a net promoters out of the customers are abilities clinics get for being part of the Safecare network

    Generate 5-Star reviews : There's only one consistent path to patient reviews is reaching out to them in modes that they feel comfortable. It is asking them through Telephone, mail, SMS or APP. We use sophisticated software to support all these automatically:

  •   • Reach out to patients
  •   • Assess their level of satisfaction
  •   • Encourage satisfied patients to post a review
  •   • Notify our clients of dissatisfied patients

Patient feedback- The system also provides patients with an outlet for complaints and to say what they liked. Making a process makes it easy for patients to voice their dissatisfaction directly. Also, patients know that if they were to contact the clinic, you'd consider their issue, take action and, hopefully, resolve their problems. Each encounter is an opportunity for progress. That way, your practice will improve over time and your flow of negative input will shrink.

Net promoter score- Get the Word out with a Patient Referral Program. The best way to attract new, quality patients is to leverage the present patient base.

  Business Management

Diverse consumer needs, rise in cost, greater regulatory pressure and need for better utilisation of the clinics resources are challenges faced by doctors who run their own clinics. Many doctors struggle with the business side of their practice and desire to focus on being a doctor. They don't know what they don't know because they didn't learn business skills in school. The s10 Health Safecare partnership helps them with business management tools that will allow clinicians focus on the practice and let S10 health focus on building the business, marketing, training, technology, leadership, operations standards and finance. The business management dashboard, help clinics manage their business end of their practice.It covers the following area:

  • Learning & Growth: To ensure the clinic is constantly upgrading its skill and aligning itself to the clinics' mission. To increase the physicians profile its imperative that their awards and rewards are also highlighted consistently.

  • Operational Efficiency:Technology usage and process adherence reduces mistakes and increases the clinical interactions with physicians. With a trained and skilled staff this is a major step for any unit to perform effectively.

  • Customer Experience:With a trained & efficient working unit the critical wait time and patient feedback will be addressed completely and eliminates negativity associated with such interactions. Patient rights in all the clinics are sacrosanct as we believe the interactions are path to alleviate the fear of unknown of the patients

  • Revenue Management:Identifying the right treatment that is being accepted by most patients in a practice is the primary index that needs to be understood. Secondly the top 3 packages/treatment plan needs to be identified and promoted accordingly in the clinic. Seasonal patient needs to be addressed with clear packaging for easy acceptance. Advance book and get discounts from other retail strategies needs to be promoted to ensure that each clinic has a clear window of committed business for the next 3 months.

S10 Health Network
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Review the facility premises for IT enablement and infrastructure, and ease of access for healthseeker.
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