S10 Health Launches SafeCare
10 May' 15

S10 Health Launches SafeCare

S10 Health launches SafeCare, a First of its Kind, Transformational Health Seekers’ Interface for Healthcare Services Across India

S10 Health, India’s first independent SafeCare network, today announced its first of its kind, unique transformational approach to healthcare management. SafeCare sets into place quality standards and benchmarks for clinics to adhere to, as well as combines patient convenience and ease of access to world-class affordable healthcare.

S10’s SafeCare experience is delivered both from its mobile app, S10 Health available both on iOS and Google play platforms and also a web interface, called www. S10Health.com. At this time, SafeCare connects 15 locations (and growing) with speciality care in dental, eye, cosmetic, maternity, sports medicine, orthopaedics, internal medicine & diabetic specialisation across Chennai. The phased roll-out to the rest of India will continue over the next few years.

Mr. Sridharan Sivan, Founder and CEO, S10 Health said: “As India’s first independent SafeCare network, S10 Health is committed to empowering the Indian population with access to the best healthcare experience. We are proud to run the first specialty care outpatient quality control standards check in India which enables clinics to be part of the SafeCare network. In the last year, SafeCare has partnered with 15 clinics and grown its base to 1,45,000 subscribers with 93% satisfaction levels. The app serves as the perfect healthcare assistant, thus providing a personalised and convenient way to monitor health at every stage. Not only does SafeCare help with scheduling appointments with the best physicians, but health seekers can also access their medical records online, which is stored on the cloud.”

Dr. Afser Shariff, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer said, “Recent figures indicate that 20 percent of global disease burden exist in India, which creates a need for a superior patient experience. Globally present in both the US and India, S10 Health mobilises SafeCare for consumers by partnering with physicians through optimal use of technology. Besides the benefit to consumers, speciality and primary care centres will provide optimal care that has been customized to them.”

Dr. Arulmozhi Varman said, “I am pleased to be associated with SafeCare as I strongly believe that this approach is going to be crucial in transforming the healthcare industry in India. It will provide a smooth patient appointments booking and management process and platform. More importantly, S10 Health app will provide access to the right kind of doctor depending on the patient’s ailments and requirements.”

About S10 Health:

S10 Health was founded by Mr.Sridharan Sivan and Dr. Afser Shariff to serve as a platform for making a significant social impact in the healthcare sector. As India’s first independent SafeCare mobilizer, the company offers a highly affordable, customized service that assures quality and convenience for healthcare professionals.

After a successful stint in the US where S10 Health worked with Physicians to pioneer a workflow for the easy adoption of meaningful use, the company successfully entered the Indian market.

S10 Health SafeCare is a unique transformational approach to healthcare management and provides a single easy interface for an optimised healthcare experience. S10 Health partners with Physicians in India to provide health seekers access to medical care in a fast, easy and painless manner so that his road to recovery is smooth and seamless.


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