Types of Dental Braces
01 Jun' 16

Types of Dental Braces

Here is a quick yet thorough enough look at the evolution and availability of braces today

Let’s begin with the well-favored and most widely used; good old’ metal braces.


The most common type of braces, traditional metal braces are today more comfortable than they ever have been. What are they? Made from high-grade stainless steel, these metal braces straighten your teeth to perfection, using metal brackets and arch wires. Metal braces were and still are popular with wearers, as you have the ‘cool’ option of adding coloured elastics (rubber bands) to stand out in a crowd. Not to forget it also made your smile more special and of course, obviously attractive!


Moving on from the shiny, to the less obvious; ceramic braces as the name suggests are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces. This is the reason ceramic braces are mainly used by older teenagers and adult patients who are more concerned about their appearance. While these braces are visually less obvious, they definitely require more attention to oral hygiene. Why? Ceramic braces are larger and are more brittle than their metal counterparts. This is also the reason that ceramic braces tend to be used more on the upper front teeth than on lower teeth.


If further discretion is what you are looking for, then have a look at this option. Lingual braces or hidden braces are completely invisible braces, as they are fixed behind your teeth. These braces are a combination of brackets and wires; digitally engineered using technology to deliver a precise, targeted result to be fit on the inside of your teeth.Custom-designed you say?What is great is that they are completely custom-made as the brackets are designed to individually fit each one of your teeth.

Most clinics in India offer lingual braces at a very competitive price. This is also another reason for its booming popularity among the young and the old. Lingual braces have found several takers in artistic and creative professions, where perfect cosmetic appearances are essential. You can be certain of a beautiful, confident smile every time you flash your pearly whites. And your secret stays safe!


As the name suggests here, Clear Aligners include a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners designed to straighten your teeth. And, it is clear which means no one can tell that you are wearing aligners! Not only are the aligners invisible; they are removable. You can eat and drink anything you want through the treatment, with the bonus of having a less hassling (in comparison to some types of braces) task of brushing and flossing. What’s better?

The aligners have no metal to cause mouth abrasions during wear.

Whatever your choice of braces is, the one factor that you must never compromise on is hygiene. 

Hygiene is extremely important with any dental treatment, and wearing braces means more focused care of your teeth and gums.

Always have a reliable toothbrush; the electric ones are highly recommended, floss regularly, gargle after meals and make your next appointment with the dentist without delay.


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