Sports in India has reached a whole new level
06 Jul' 16

Sports in India has reached a whole new level

Sports in India has reached a whole new level.

It’s no longer restricted to the few that Indian television and media have long covered or the selected few who play them. With various international sports channels available at households, Indians are increasingly following sports played across the globe.

Sports clubs and sporting platforms are beginning to make inroads into the social fabric of the Indian society. People now engage in sports not just for passion, but also for fitness, relaxation or it’s simply a way to spend with friends and acquaintances.

Furthermore with the growing investment in sports entertainment by large corporate houses, sports is emerging as an alternative career option in India.The Indian premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL) and Pro Kabaddi league are examples of how sports have opened avenues and created life changing opportunities for many. Sports is gaining mainstream importance just as much as academics with children striving to make a mark in their favorite sport.

S10 a leading healthcare solutions organisation strives to bridge the gap between aspirations and performance in sports. S10 Health is a vibrant healthcare solutions company passionate about making a significant social impact in the healthcare sector, the world over. S10 partners with physicians in India to provide health seekers access to medical care in a fast, easy and painless manner so that his road to recovery is smooth and seamless.

S10 Health has launched S10 HiPer, a sports development program, the first of its kind in India that offers a holistic approach to sports. S10 HiPer goes beyond physical capabilities into mental preparedness, focus and sportsmanship .Your coach imparts skill and technique about the sport, and S10 HiPer helps enhance physical fitness, mental toughness, improves flexibility, agility and increases endurance through personalized sports nutrition and exercises for achieving peak performance.

The S10 HiPer program helps you

  • Understand the root cause for under performance and provides a plan
  • With sports-specific high performance functional fitness training
  • Sustain energy with sports nutrition
  • Perform flawlessly under pressure and win
  • Prevent & manage sports injury

S10 HiPer packages are individualistic , catering to the unique needs of each person. They are scientific , backed by research and are crafted by the best in the industry.(You can probably give the link to the team here).

There are 3 types of S10 HiPer progams – HiPer Basic, HiPer Pro & Hiper Elite.

HiPer Basic is for children between the age group 6-17.  At S10 we believe, with the right intervention at the right time, your child can excel in the sport of his/her own choice. Or if your child is interested to pursue sports, HiPer Basic helps your child identify the sport best suited to his/her physiological make up so that the formative years can be gainfully spent pursing it.

HiPer Pro is for professionals who will greatly benefit from personalized guidance on fitness, nutrition and injury management

HiPer Elite is for established sportsmen who represent the game at an international level

 S10 Health is proud to launch the S10 health sports medicine & high performance center, also the first of its kind in India, which will be a one-stop shop solution for sports related services. Dr. Dominique Dobson along with his team of physiotherapists,nutritionists and psychologists will provide personalized guidance on fitness, training and nutrition all under one roof.

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