Perfect Vision by Laser Lens Correction
30 Jun' 16

Perfect Vision by Laser Lens Correction

People are constantly accessing information through various digital devices such as mobile phones, computers or television. There is a lot stress that is caused on the eyes which impacts by developing vision related ailments and conditions such as short sightedness, farsightedness and blurred vision.

Common vision ailments that affect people are,

·         Near-sightedness also referred as Myopia, is a short sight eye condition that causes distant object to be out of focus.

·         Farsightedness also referred as Hyperopia, is long sight eye condition that causes near objects to be blurred.

·         Astigmatism is an eye condition that prevents light rays entering the eye due to unevenly shaped cornea resulting in blurred vision.

Predominantly people when affected with a vision problem would undertake the method for correcting the vision like prescription glasses and some of them to make a fashion statement would opt for contact lenses. Using a glass or contact lens can give different complications such as, high maintenance for avoiding the lens scratches and keeping the glasses or lenses clean with special liquid. The glass or contact lens will break or hurt the eyes while indulging in sports or physical activities. It would give eye irritation problems like redness and dry eye leading to allergic eye infections. Year on year people would need to spend money for either getting a new pair of glasses or contact lenses along with monthly recurring expenses for cleaning fluids as well for having a clear vision. Prolonged use of glasses and contact lenses will also end increasing the vision problem and some cases can become untreatable because of the deteriorated condition of eye parts.

Today’s advancement in technology can enhance a person’s vision far better than the vision through glasses or contact lenses.With the evolution in modern laser vision correction,people can give up their glasses or contact lenses and get the Perfect Vision for the eye.

Vision Correction – The New Revelation

Vision Correction also known as Refractive Eye Surgery is a laser eye correction method for people who need to reduce their dependency for glasses or contact lenses. Vision Correction is a surgical method foraltering the cornea surface of the eye to improve focus and provides clearer vision. Through the latest laser eye surgery like iLasik & Relex SMILE, it is potential to overcome vision difficulties. A person operated with Laser vision correction can go for swimming without any restrictionswithin few days post-surgery.

iLasik is a refractive laser eye surgery through which people can get instant relief from their glasses or contact lenses. The iLASIK Surgery is a pain free procedure with advanced vision correction technology to treat near-sightedness, farsightedness or blurred vision. It is the safest medical approach for laser eye surgery which benefits immediate results for health seekers.

Relex SMILE is the worlds most advanced and suitable laser eye surgery for short-sightednesswith the fastest recovery time. SMILE provides stability to the cornea and less chance of dry eyes. SMILE is the 3rd generation of Laser Vision correction.

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