Improve Your Posture - Prevent The Dreaded ‘Hunchback’!
03 Feb' 17

Improve Your Posture - Prevent The Dreaded ‘Hunchback’!

Good posture has been taught right from our school days. Most of us have probably been told to "stop slouching “and “sit up straight.” Rings a bell? Yes, good posture – it’s one of life’s Holy Grail! And it is an undeniable fact that good posture creates an image of poise, self-confidence, and assertiveness. But how far is good posture achievable. Just take note of how you're sitting or standing right now. Are you leaning forward, shoulders hunched and chin jutted? Don't worry, it's something we all do. Let’s get it ‘straight’ now.

Do you tend to slouch while sitting at your desk or dining table? Are you starting to develop rounded shoulders and protruding necks? At the end of a tiring day do you feel that your upper back resembles a question mark? Do you hunch over your smartphone, tablet or laptop? If you’ve answered "Yes" to these questions, you’re probably experiencing postural problems which can make your neck creak, shoulders ache, and finally give you the ‘hunchback.’

What is posture? Posture is the position our body takes in space. Good posture is a good habit and an important aspect of caring for our bodies. But bad posture is so common because many of us sit too much, exercise too little, and are prone to habits like hunching over our desks, slumping over our smartphones, lying on the couch and carrying heavy bags on one side of our body.
So, what could be done to prevent a stooped posture? By making small adjustments to the way you sit at your desk or the way you hold yourself while standing could go a long way in improving your posture and avoiding the dreaded “hunchback”.
While sitting:
-    While working at your desk position your monitor so that the middle of the screen is at your eye’s level
-    Keep your ears in line with your shoulders
-    Don’t cross your legs as it will make your hips slightly twisted
-    Beware of your posture at all times. Your head should be placed squarely on your neck and not jutting out. Your chair should support your back in an upright, slightly arched position
-    Sitting is like new smoking. Make a conscious effort to get up once in a while and stretch, walk around or stand for a while.
While standing:
-    Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on your two feet
-    Try to stand as tall as you could, imagining that your head is touching the ceiling
-    Do simple stretches for better posture. Raise both your arms straight up, alongside your ears. Now bend your forearms to your shoulders and touch your shoulder blades. Repeat these simple stretches.
-    Make sure the weight of your upper body sits squarely over your hips.
No one wants to end up looking old, decrepit and stooped over. So, chin up!  Be conscious of your posture. The more you practice, the more aware you will become of holding yourself well, and the less often you will slip back into ‘slouching’. Start now and remain vigilant, always! Say no to “hunchback”!



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