Dr.Sirisha Singh
01 Dec' 15

Dr.Sirisha Singh

Dr Sirisha Singh is a Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologist with 15 years of clinical experience. She has trained extensively from premier colleges in India and the UK. She practices clinical and aesthetic Dermatology, her main interest is in the field of anti-ageing and use of botulinum toxin and filler injections for enhancing facial aesthetics. She is a certified Trainer and regularly trains doctors on the use of LASERs in Dermatology. She also trains doctors on the use of botulinum toxins and filler for facial enhancement.

What are some major trends you see in skin related problems in metros? Does lifestyle and pollution levels play a role? 
We see a large number of teenaged kids, young adults and also adults with hormonal imbalances called polycystic Ovary Disease. This is related to low levels of physical activity and also changes in the dietary habits. Foods which are rich in easily digestible sugars which includes sweets, highly processed flour (maida) and polished pulses and grains have become a major component of our everyday food. If we can eat more starch such as those found in whole grains (brown rich, multigrain atta, oats), fruits and vegetables and nuts, the hormonal imbalance could be controlled. The important thing to remember that a complete change in lifestyle which can be sustained over years is mandatory.

We also tend to see many young adults, especially males with male pattern hair loss. Although not clearly documented, oxidative damage due to the high levels of pollution may play a role in this condition.

What do you recommend?
I recommend an active healthy lifestyle with a good skincare routine to be followed on a daily basis. Often people are very reactive and would start on strict diet plans and exercise vigorously for a short while. This doesn’t really work in the long term. Getting into the habit of eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, some exercise on a daily basis and a skincare routine that you can follow and adhere to is of utmost importance.

Why did you sign up with S10 Health SafeCare Network? 
It is important to have quality guidelines and a framework of standards for the clinician and the clinic. S10 brings this quality framework and helps me adhere to the framework. I was also looking for opportunities for B2B tie-ups. As an individual, I found that difficult to achieve. I hope to get the B2B tie-ups through S10.

What are the benefits for doctors who run independent practice from being a part of this network?
We often get so busy with work that we neglect staff training, hygiene issues and important quality issues in the clinic. S10 should help shake off this complacency and help us to maintain a basic standard of quality in the clinic.

Private practice can be quite lonely and stressful with no one to turn to for second opinion and to brainstorm ideas. S10 network will be able to provide support and also works as a safety net for the doctor and the clinic. 


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