Dr.Sendhil Nathan
01 Sep' 16

Dr.Sendhil Nathan

Dr. Sendhil Nathan of Senthil Dental Clinic talks to S10 Health on how he approaches preventive care and treatments at the clinic.

Q. Do tell us about how the health seekers concerns are approached by you and your team. 

Our philosophy is quite simple - we all would like to have our meals on a clean plate, not a stained or a greasy surface. This is the similar approach we take towards dental care and hygiene. We begin by obtaining the patient's history into a case sheet. This contains their primary problems, blood group and other necessary information. 

Q. Tell us about your specialized equipment. 

We have the facilities to take DSLR photos and an intra-oral photography unit with specific flashes to assure that the patient is always comfortable. This specialized equipment helps us to identify the exact kind of problem in health seekers because patients come with many assumptions of their problem. 

Q. Could you tell us more about your role as a specialist in the Replacement of Teeth?

My first task is explaining the importance of oral hygiene and I also put together a thorough presentation on what we are going to work on, for the patients. Everything that we prescribe to our patients for cleaning and care: specific brushes like electric toothbrushes,   special kits, floss etc. is stocked in the clinic. And we have a complete Digital Radiography setup in-house. 

Q. Hygiene is an extremely essential aspect of any type of health care especially dental care. Please tell us how you maintain healthy standards at your practice. 

We concentrate very diligently on sterilization. It is of utmost importance that our equipment, blades and more are perfectly sterilized to remain infection free. They go through a sterilizing vacuum cycle which kills all the bacteria. which is monitored. The laboratory we work with is Thejas Ojhas; a Mangalore based company killing bacteria. All our products are use and throw – there's no reusing. All the tools are disinfected with alcohol wipes mandatorily, as viruses travel from patient to patient in touch ensuring there is complete non-contamination of surfaces. 

Q. Tell us about your team. 

We have an experienced team comprising some excellent Replacement Specialists and we provide the best suited implants that health seekers in India need; especially for the their front teeth. Earlier, perhaps a decade or so ago, people would come to us after losing several teeth but thanks to awareness on care and newer technologies, cases of those who are completely dent less are decreasing in India. A big thanks to root canal specialists for fixing decaying teeth. 

Q. What is the function of our back teeth? 

  • The back teeth are very important like the joint of your limbs and since we use our lower jaw all the time, strengthening is very important.
  • My advice is don't overload one side of the mouth too much – which is a mistake many people make. It causes headaches, ENT troubles, even  neurological issues. 

Q. What would you like to say to sum up everything?

  • If you experience any issues or sudden pains in the head, neck, ear and jaw regions, please visit a dentist and get your teeth checked; instead of running about everywhere else. I wish to reiterate to please start with getting your tooth checked first. 
  • ·         Several times, aches and pains occur due to the eruption of the first molar that could be problematic. The first molar is a common tooth that requires replacement in some cases and this can be done quite seamlessly if attended to on time. People who suffer from problems in their joints have the habit of clenching their teeth. I would advise that they get their back teeth replaced. 

Q. The future of dentistry. 

We want to strive for better things and we have therefore created a corpus with the intention to provide new advanced methods of treatment, new equipment and more. We constantly aim to upgrade ourselves and the team of doctors so that we can benefit the maximum number of patients.


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