Dr.Roshan Rayen
01 Apr' 16

Dr.Roshan Rayen

Dr Roshan Rayen of Kidz N Teenz Dental Clinic, talks to S10 Health on the importance and necessity for paediatric dentistry today.

What are the specific differences between paediatric dentistry and adult dentistry?
The most important aspect of paediatric dentistry is the approach to the treatment. This branch of dentistry specifically caters to calming the child’s anxiety and fears. Each child is different and hence we are trained to follow a scientific protocol while treating them; pre and post procedure. This is especially important for when we successfully remove their fears they become better, more accepting adult patients.

How do you achieve this at Kidz N Teenz Dental Clinic?

Our clinic focuses on creating the right physical and mental environment to begin with. We have happy, colourful interiors equipped with child-friendly things; music, games etc. We ease them into the treatment process and do not put forward anything suddenly. These small but important details play a big role in their later years.

What are the most frequent complaints that children come to you with?
The most common concern children come to us with is cavities. What I’ve noticed is that the manifestation of cavities is different in each. It varies from causes like distracted eating habits; watching TV, playing games spur prolonged eating and food remains in the mouth for long. A 15-20 minute routine process has now extended to 45-50 minutes.
What about other dental complications that affect infants to young children?
A condition called MIH – Molar Incisor Hypo mineralisation, that has become more rampant since 1995, is a problem that occurs at the time of birth which affects one or more of the first permanent molars of the child. As a result, the teeth are malformed and underdeveloped and cause the child more serious dental alignment issues by the ages of 7-8 years.Reasons for this include stress on the foetus, prolonged labour,and illness after birth etc.
Would you say that this is because of the lifestyle changes that have come about?
The last generation too had these problems, but the levels of awareness were far less then, than today. Today there is so much knowledge available on the internet and digital media and resources like us have more access to health seekers. Our dentists are trained specifically to address these needs and in turn we can inform people that we are fully equipped to give them the best care.
Dental procedures are viewed among the more expensive in terms of treatments costs. How would you advise health seekers on this?
This is why we stress in the importance of preventive care. When children visit the dentist regularly from a young age; we can help keep a lot of larger dental problems at bay. Simple processes like fluoride applications, sealant coating, etc. have immense benefits that help you as you grow into an adult. With paediatric dentistry, the cost is low, the need for invasive procedures is less, and in all you have a more sound foundation. We say, spend a rupee now and save Rs.40 later. This also helps you approach dental treatments with the right attitude; fearlessly.
Tell us more about the procedures at Kidz N Teens.
Our young patients are put at ease completely with procedures like sedation dentistry, performed only by the best. We are among the pioneers of NOIS in India. NOIS is Nitrous Oxide Inhalational Sedation and as the term implies, this makes the child’s dental treatment very pleasant and comfortable. A particular dose when given, takes about 3-5 minutes to act on the body. Nitrous oxide commonly called laughing gas triggers your happiness and smile stimulating hormones in the body. It immediately puts patients at ease and makes them more receptive to the treatment.
There seems to be an increase in the number of children wearing braces these days?
The number has definitely gone up because we have more parents and children (as young as 5-6 years) approaching us with their concerns. Individual Patient Orthodontics (IP Orthodontics) gives dentists 10 times more bracket and wire designs to choose from, creating a treatment-specific set of braces. Here, each tooth is diagnosed to find the best bracket for tooth movement. This means your braces will be designed and made for you.

Also, the hesitation that existed a while back has reduced and again with the internet, people are reading more about the positive effects of braces.When children get their braces fixed early we are able to control the severity of the problem that exists.

Please share your views on the approach to dentistry in India.

India is a developing country, and this is the reason why the focus lies on doctors for therapeutic care here. Often people wait until a problem occurs and only then do they visit a doctor. Preventive care is practiced more routinely in developed countries and with good reason I believe it should be followed here too. At Kidz N Teenz Dental Clinic we focus on preventive protocols, in the right environment for young patients. This means faster, better care that is more economical. 


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