Dr.Dinesh Kumar
01 Nov' 16

Dr.Dinesh Kumar

Dr. Dinesh Kumar of Dinesh Skin & Hair Clinic talks to S10 Health on the importance of lifestyle changes for a healthy & glowing skin.

Why should one visit a dermatologist for basic skin care?

In today’s scenario, people tend to go to barber shop or salons without knowing much about professional skin care treatments which could help them otherwise. People just rely on word of mouth information without giving a second thought. Dermatologist is the most qualified person to diagnose, educate and treat you about any skin disease or condition. They assess each individuals’ skin and hair types and validate what is the best product suited for one’s skin. A dermatologist is the best trained person to give a scientific skin care treatment which can be well suited for you.

Can salon facials improve skin tone and remove acne than chemical peels?

Definitely not! Salon and parlour facials probably may give you a good feeling due to the massage and may give a temporary brightness to the skin. But then again they will be harmful in the long run and undeniably does not help you control the acne. In fact it will aggravate the acne and also unregulated usage of cosmetic products and treatments in the parlour may cause skin problems. So the most important thing is that you should invest in your skin in a proper way. But if you are giving to an unqualified person who doesn’t know about your skin may end up giving more harm.

How does diet affect skin? What care should be taken to have a healthy skin?

Diet is an integral part of having a healthy skin. Healthy diet and healthy lifestyle can give soft, supple and glowing skin. Taking more green leafy vegetables, fruits, fluids will add to the advantage of making your skin feel good. Especially the antioxidants present from a good diet helps you in slowing down the aging process and help in maintaining a very good looking and well-nourished skin. It also contains minerals and nutrients which are very good for your skin. Indulging in an unhealthy diet like consuming red meat, processed, fried & fatty food will increase the insulin resistance level ultimately leading to thickening and darkening of skin; hormonal imbalances which can lead to increased facial hair growth, acne, loss of scalp hair. A healthy looking skin is basically the reflection of a good, healthy and balanced diet; adequate distribution of exercise and a stress free life. Genetics also play an important role in acquiring skin problems/diseases.

Winter is upon us. Can you give us some tips to avoid dry/flaky skin?

Generally during winter season, there is less moisture in the air which can cause dryness in your skin. A proper care should be taken to increase the moisture level in your skin. 

a. Avoid bathing in hot water for prolonged periods instead use lukewarm water. 

b. Moisturize your skin right after you bath on your damp skin.

c. Use recommended skin products as indicated by your dermatologist which would be much better than drugstore products. 

d. Maintain a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.


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