Dr. Arulmozhi Varman
01 Oct' 15

Dr. Arulmozhi Varman

Dr. Arulmozhi Varman is the driving force of Uma Eye Clinic; famed for the largest number of Multifocal IOL's successfully completed in India. A pioneer of Phacoemulsification in India, Dr. Varman and has performed and taught Phacoemulsification in various countries, across the world. Uma Eye Clinic has state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat Cataract, Glaucoma, Vitreo Retinal diseases and is equipped with the latest Lasers for correction of Refractive errors [Glass powers].

 What are the firsts of eye care?
The most important rule of eye care is not to meddle with your eyes or attempt any kind of self-treatment. If you experience irritation in the eye or have redness, please visit your ophthalmologist. People are often misguided into thinking that over the counter eye drops from a pharmacy is enough, but this could lead to more serious problems.
When should one visit an ophthalmologist?
At 3-4 years of age is a good time for a first visit and then once a year. If you wear prescription glasses, then visit as instructed by your doctor. When you turn 40 your vision lowers. An ophthalmologist will screen you for silent diseases like glaucoma and determine if you require reading glasses. Persons who have diabetes must mandatorily have yearly eye check-ups.
Diabetics need special attention to eye care.
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) states that India has more diabetics than any other nation of the world. Nearly 10-15% of diabetics are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and only seek medical help at a very advanced stage of the disease. Don’t wait! This condition can be averted by visiting an ophthalmologist regularly.
Lifestyle changes today have increased health risks. What care should be taken for the eyes?
Spending time on the computer in air conditioned environments has increased the condition of dryness of the eyes. Remember to blink often; take a break for a few minutes every hour and look away from your screen. Wear safety goggles while riding two-wheelers to protect your eyes from pollution and ensure your helmet has a visor.
Over a decade ago, there were many concerns about LASIK Surgery. Today LASIK seems to be the preferred choice of health seekers.
There were concerns about the LASIK technique nearly 20 years ago, but technology has evolved to bring us a flawless system to treat the eyes. ReLEx® (Refractive LEnticule Extraction) SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the latest laser eye surgery technique. Here, healing is faster (there’s only a 2mm incision) with very little discomfort and no corneal flap.
Why have you chosen to partner with S10 Health?
The S10 Health app and network will increase awareness and education on eye health and instantly help patients connect with doctors. 

“An ophthalmologist will give you a comprehensive eye exam and alert you on any eye diseases you may have. Once you have a clear understanding of your diagnosis, visit an optician only to get your prescription spectacles.


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