Why buy them when you can make them? Diabetic Delights for Diwali!
21 Oct' 16

Why buy them when you can make them? Diabetic Delights for Diwali!

Diwali is nearing and every Indian family would have started with the preparations for the celebration. Sugar is an inseparable part of Diwali as during the festival time sweets are served and it becomes hard for diabetic patients to refuse them. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is very important to be careful on the sweets intake to maintain good control over blood sugar levels. During festival time, diabetics may feel a little down as they can’t have all the delightful sweets fearing that it would increase their blood sugar level.

If any of your family member is diabetic, then help them have all the sweets and mouth-watering delicacies this festive season with these simple easy to make sugar free Indian sweets. Make your own sugar-free diabetic delights and enjoy the traditional festival!

Diwali Sweet Recipes for Diabetics

Here are a few Indian sweet recipes which can be prepared for diabetics during festive seasons:

Kheer is a traditional Indian sweet with nuts, rice, sugar and milk that is regularly prepared on all festivals and special events in family.

Learn how to cook diabetic free Kheer                     

  1. In a large sauce pan (kadai) add a handful of washed rice along with one litre of milk and keep stirring in a low flame.
  2. Reduce milk to 2/3rd or 1/2 depending on the people you are going to serve.
  3. At least 10 minutes before taking it off from stove, add the dry fruits.
  4. When the kheer is hot, add artificial sweetener and allow it to cool.
  5. Serve it cold/hot.

Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert that is soft and melts in your mouth fried dumplings that is made on festival season in the family.

Learn how to cook diabetic free Gulab Jamun & Syrup

Gulab Jamun

  1. Start by making the dough by adding enough milk with flour, baking soda and butter to make a medium hard dough.
  2. Divide the dough into respective portions as needed and make smooth balls by gently rolling each portion with your palm.
  3. Keep the balls on a plate and cover with a moist kitchen cloth. 
  4. Heat the oil in a pan from high to medium level and slip the balls in the hot oil one by one. 
  5. To keep off the dough balls from getting burnt on one side, gently shake the pan. 
  6. The jamuns will break if the temperature of the oil is too high. Adjust the temperature to a medium level to ensure that the jamuns doesn’t break or cook too quickly.
  7. Take out the jamuns once they appear to be dark golden brown and cool it.


  1. In a pot, mix artificial sweetner, cornstarch, water and rose water.
  2. Slightly crush 4-5 cardamom pods (2-3 pinches of cardamom powder) and add a few strands of “kesar” (saffron, optional)
  3. Mix the content and heat at a medium level for 5-10 minutes until it gets thick and liquefied. 
  4. Keep the syrup warm on stove and transfer it to a serving dish. 
  5. Directly add the fried gulab jamuns into the syrup and leave it to soak up the syrup.
  6. Gulab Jamuns along with syrup can be served warm or at room temperature. 

Sesame seeds Ladoo (Ellu urundai) is one of the best healthy Indian sweets that can be prepared easily at any time during festive season.

Learn how to cook diabetic free Sesame Seeds Ladoo

  1. In a pan, add sesame seeds and dry roast it.
  2. Roast sesame seeds until you get a nice fragrance and set them aside to cool.
  3. In the meantime, dry roast peanuts and cool them. Remove the skin of the peanuts and keep aside.
  4. Take the roasted sesame seeds and add jiggery, cardamom powder and grind them to a fine powder.
  5. Add & mix the skinned peanuts and powder together in a plate.
  6. Take small portions and roll them into tiny balls.
  7. Roll the sesame seeds ladoo with moist free hands and store them in an air tight jar.

Rava Kesari is a traditional south Indian sweet which is prepared during every festival.

Learn how to cook diabetic free Rava Kesari

  1. Dry roast rava until it becomes slightly brown and transfer it in a plate to cool.
  2. Add 1tsp of ghee, chopped almonds and raisins in a pan.
  3. Once they turn golden, add water, cardamom powder and food colouring.
  4. Add rava when it comes to a boil and stir continuously to avoid formation of lumps.
  5. When the water is fully absorbed by the rava, add artificial sweetner and mix well.
  6. Add some oil and remaining ghee if needed.
  7. Give a nice stir until fully cooked and transfer on to a plate.
  8. Allow it to cool and serve sugar free rava kesari.

Enjoy diabetic friendly sweets this Diwali by eating healthy!


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