An Insight into Tooth Decay
03 Dec' 16

An Insight into Tooth Decay

Do you notice a shadowy, grey or black spot on your tooth or between your teeth? Do you have pits or holes in your teeth? Does it hurt when you bite down? Does your floss snag or catch in between your teeth while flossing? Does your tooth zing with pain when you sip your favorite hot chocolate or take a breath of cold, wintery air? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it could be a sign of cavity or tooth decay – a sneaky dental issue that could mean big trouble.

Blame it on bad luck or bad behavior, cavities are probably the last words you want to hear from your dentist during your dental appointment. Putting off tooth decay treatment may seem like a good idea since you may assume the issue isn’t immediate, but you’re not doing yourself any favors. Remember, a cavity will never go away on its own. It just gets bigger and bigger. Hence, once a cavity is spotted it must be dealt with quickly before it gets worse. Don’t wait until you’re in pain and discomfort. When you delay you’re only limiting yourself to intensive and expensive treatment options.

Tooth decay doesn’t appear out of the blue. It is the result of a long process that begins with the ‘acid-loving bacteria’ that thrive in your mouth. These sneaky bacteria can create acids that slowly eat away at the tooth itself, causing dental cavities. By having a cavity filled early your dentist is able to clean out the bacteria and prevent more of your tooth from being attacked.

Determining whether you need dental fillings or crowns depends on the extent of tooth decay. If decay is minor to moderate and most of the tooth remains healthy, your dentist will fill the cavity to prevent further decay. However, if the tooth decay is extensive your dentist will be compelled to do a crown. A crown is nothing but a specially crafted cap that offers a snug fit over your decayed tooth.

Waiting too long to fill a cavity is a bad idea. The longer you put off an appointment with your dentist, the worse and more expensive it gets. Not to mention, the more pain you have to endure. Therefore, have your tooth decay taken care of at the first sign of trouble. If you think you might have tooth decay, get in touch with S10 Health SafeCare Dental experts today. They will help you decide the right course of treatment!

Also make sure to visit our SafeCare Dental clinic for regular checkups to catch early signs of tooth decay. Call 044 40 510 510 to talk with the experts and book your appointment today


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