Protect Your Kid’s Eyes
03 Sep' 18

Protect Your Kid’s Eyes

Incredible Ways to Protect Kid’s Eye Health

Good vision is a prerequisite for academic performance, social interaction and overall development of your kids. Today, kids are more susceptible to eye problems than ever before as the load placed on their eye has substantially increased. The increase in quantum of school work and the ‘technology use’ have led to eyestrain, causing vision problems. If you’re concerned about your kid’s eyes, keep the following simple tips in mind.

Limit screen time: Do not permit more than the recommended one hour of screen time for kids aged 2-5 and not more than two hours for kids aged 5-8 years. Keep screens off for kids less than 18 months. It is important to make sure that kids take a break every 20 minutes. Limit playing mobile video games for a long time.

Get them outdoors: It is important that kids should get “green time” hours spent outdoors. This is because when they look at objects farther away their eyes are relaxed. This prevents eye strain. Also exposing kid’s eyes to the sunlight promotes normal eye development. Research studies have shown that getting outdoors can help prevent the onset and progression of short-sightedness in kids.

Feed an eye-friendly diet: An eye-friendly diet is a great way to provide the nutrients needed for their eyes to become sharp and functional as should be. Include foods rich in zinc, vitamins C and E, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids. These include leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale, oily fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel, eggs, nuts, beans, oranges and of course carrots.

Avoid unsafe toys: Do not provide your kidstoys that have sharp edges as they could be risky. If the toys are soft and blunt, in case of any accident the damage is minimal and doesn’t affect the eye permanently.

Use protective eyewear: It is great to encourage kids to involve in sports, but these could prove risky for their eyes. It is crucial that they wear proper protective eyewear while playing sports to safeguard their eyes against any possible injury.

Stop eye strain: Adequate lighting while reading and keeping the book at a minimum distance of 12 to 14 inches are the basic requirements. Make sure your child takes break in-between studies. Their eyes need to relax. Your child should watch TV from a safe distance of three and a half meters in a well-lighted room. They should not watch TV in a dimly lit room.

Protect against injuries and infections: Make sure that your kids maintain a safe distance while lighting fireworks and wear goggles while swimming as the chlorinated-water can cause eye irritation and infections.

Cover up: Make sure that your kids wear a wide brimmed hat and goggles with UV protection when they set out in the sun, the biggest source of blue light that could cause damage to vision. Ask an eye doctor recommendation for the best sunglasses for your child.

Schedule regular eye exams: 1 in 4 children have difficulty in seeing the blackboard, affecting their ability to learn. Remember, school screenings are not enough to detect vision problems that your child may be having. Your child has no understanding of what it means to see properly. So make sure they get a comprehensive eye exam. It is crucial to check your child’s eyes at the age of three and every two years after that.

We all know that our eyes are the window the world. Not to mention kids learn by watching the world around.  Being able to see clearly is therefore incredibly important for your child’s overall development. Hence, make sure to schedule regular eye exams for your child at S10 SafeCare Eye clinic. Identify vision problems early! Set them up to excel academically, socially and athletically!


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