Positive Parenting
10 Sep' 18

Positive Parenting

Powerful ways to raise healthy kids!

Being a parent doesn’t require much. But, being a good parent, a positive parent with purpose requires some effort. Everyone wants to be a positive parent. But, what exactly is positive parenting? Simply put, positive parenting is using positive action words, and telling your child what you want and expect from them rather than telling them what wrong they did.

Are you shouting at your kids? Feeling frustrated and guilty? Desperately looking to improve your parenting skills? Here you go! The following are some of the tips to get your children listen to you without nagging, reminding or yelling. Say goodbye to tantrums and tears and say hello to well-behaved children.

Make time for hugs: The power of a mother’s hug is wonderful! Want a healthier, smarter, happier and more resilient child? Start with a hug! Hugs and cuddles could convey your love and assure them that you are always there for them. It is important you make time for hugs. A cuddle now, a snuggle after bath, or a hug before bedtime. Not just these. There are many ways these beautiful moments can be added to your daily routine.

Read with them: Make it a practice to read or share bedtime stories with your child. It has a positive effect on your child’s mental and emotional health. Even older children enjoy being read to. For those who are not practicing it, make bedtime story time a part of your daily routine. Indeed they are a great way to mould your child’s thoughts and personalities the way you want to shape them.

Get your kids to talk: Ask your child” How was your day”? Even if the answer was just “It was fine”, make it a practice to ask them daily. Kids actually love to talk about their day. But sometimes it needs some prompting to open up.

Tell you love them: As busy parents we often tend to forget to tell our kids how much we love them. Saying, “I love you” strengthens your bond with your child and stay better connected with you. This helps your child have a higher self-esteem, behave better and happier overall. So, make time to show your kids just how absolutely loved they are.

Kiss your child goodnight: Make sure to plant a comforting kiss on your child’s forehead even if they have fallen asleep. It transmits comforting emotions to your child and makes them feel safe and loved. Make it a bedtime ritual because it an emotional reinforcement of your love.

Be a good listener: You may have so many things running on your mind but make time to listen to what your kids have got to tell you. Research studies have found that if you listen to what kids say it is more likely that they will listen to you. Simple it is. It also helps create stronger bonds and better self-esteem.

Don’t lose your “cool” attitude: Though a tough job, stay cool. Children appear to respond amazingly well to calm, reasonable request and command. Do not yell, but save them for critical situations where you need to gain their attention. If you happen to lose your temper, do not hesitate to say sorry later and explain why you got het up.

Spend quality time with your child: Want to be a better parent? Spend time with your child. Amidst your busy schedule you find it difficult to spend time with your kids. At times you might feel that you are missing out the bonding time with them. So, make some effort to spend some quality time with your child. This helps in shaping your child’s personality. If not, your child can develop an attention seeking behaviour.

Raising kids should be fun. With positive parenting tips, it is! Handle anything parenthood throws your way! Raise strong, considerate, respectful and emphatic children.


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