How to handle a Toothache?
07 Sep' 18

How to handle a Toothache?

Ouch! Tooth pain? Causes and what could be done!

Tooth pain is one of the worst pains you could ever experience. But it’s a common ailment and almost everyone would have had their fair share of tooth pain at least once during their lifetime. You are enjoying your favourite meal and suddenly you experience a sharp pain in your jaw. Oh, aah, ouch it’s a tooth pain! Generally the pain starts off mild and may grow into an excruciating, throbbing pain. If pain is persistent and bothersome there is no way to ignore it! You have nothing to do than rush to your dentist.

There can be many causes for tooth pain. By far the most common cause of tooth pain is tooth decay, an injury or infection. If you are having a tooth pain read on to find out the possible causes for tooth pain and what to do about it.

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods: This is a momentary pain, lasting only for a few seconds and it could be sign of decay, loose filling or an exposed root due to gum recession.

What could be done: Try using fluoride toothpaste twice a day to brush your teeth.

Sensitivity to hot and cold food after a dental treatment: Dental work like having your teeth cleaned, especially after deep cleanings, decay removal and crown work may inflame the pulp tissues.

What could be done: The good news is that the pain will resolve on its own within a few days or few weeks. In the meantime, you can take painkillers to ease the discomfort.

Sharp pain when you chew food: It could be due to a loose filling, decay, a crack in your tooth or damage to the pulp tissue inside the tooth.

What could be done: A loose filling can be addressed by your dentist. If it is due to other causes you need to see a specialist right away.

Niggling pain after eating hot or cold foods: If the pain persists for a few hours it could be possibly due to deep tooth decay, physical trauma or inflamed pulp.

What could be done: See your dentist or endodontist to save the tooth with root canal treatment.

Dull ache and pressure in upper jaw: Believe it or not this kind of pain may be sinus related as upper back teeth share the same nerves as your sinus cavity. Other reasons may be due to clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth.

What could be done: You may have to see your dentist and/or family physician right away.

Constant intense pain, swelling of gums and sensitivity to touch: This is definitely a sign of infection.

What could be done: Don’t wait for the pain to get worse seek the help of an endodontist immediately, not just to relieve pain but to save the tooth.

Please note that the above discussed causes and solutions are general suggestions and not intended to replace any medical advice. If your tooth pain is unbearable, call 044- 40510 510 and book a consultation with S10 SafeCare Dental clinics for proper diagnosis and treatment. 


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