Heart Disease and Lifestyle Changes
28 Jul' 18

Heart Disease and Lifestyle Changes

Getting to the heart of the employees!

The present day work environment exposes employees to irregular eating habits, lack of physical activity and stressful work commitments. No wonder, there is a high prevalence of heart disease risk factors seen among young working professionals. From the employer’s perspective heart disease contributes to increased healthcare costs and reduced productivity. Employers want healthy, productive employees. Luckily, employers can help prevent the causes of heart disease by promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity in the workplace. Making simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in helping employees reduce the risk of getting a heart disease.

The following are some of the healthy heart behaviours to help improve the employee’s heart health. Educate and encourage your employees on these following measures to be heart-healthy.

Stay tobacco free: We all know that smoking is bad for the lungs. But it also puts you at the risk of heart diseases. So, get started on a smoking cessation program. Write down on why you are quitting smoking and leave it somewhere you can see often. This will be a reminder why quitting is important for you. Quitting is tough. But it is even tougher to recover from a heart disease. Kick the smoking habit. Remember, it’s never too late to stop smoking.

Maintain a healthy weight: Maintaining your body weight in a healthy range is a great way to limiting your risk of heart disease. Get started on your path to losing weight by incorporating healthier eating practices and sticking to a strict exercise regimen.

Incorporate physical activity: Did you know that exercising daily keeps your heart hale and healthy. Experts are of the opinion that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, like brisk walking at least five days a week is a perfect way to boost your heart health.  

Eat right: Adopt healthy eating practices to protect your heart.  Pack home-cooked meals to office as they are a healthy way to satisfy your taste buds. Stay clear from all junk food like the chips, crackers and biscuits. Avoid caffeinated drinks, sodas and packaged juices. Instead opt for black coffee or green tea. Stock your desk larder with plenty of healthy dry fruits and nuts. Make sure to fill a box with freshly cut fruits and crunchy vegetables and bring them to office daily. These are ideal for snacking.

Moderate-controlled drinking plan: If you drink alcohol do so in moderation. Excessive drinking raises blood pressure which is one of main risk factors for heart disease. It can also contribute to high triglycerides and irregular heartbeats. Limiting alcohol consumption helps you to lower the risk of heart disease.

Keep cholesterol and blood pressure under check: Your cholesterol levels helps in determining how healthy your heart is. High cholesterol levels indicate serious heart disease risk factor. So, keep your cholesterol levels in check. Also make it a point to keep your blood pressure within the recommended ranges. This helps in reducing the workload on your heart.

Manage stress for a healthy heart: Work and stress go hand-in-hand – so slow down and de-stress your busy life. Control stress for a calmer heart! Find healthy ways to manage stress at work. Whether it is through meditation, breathing techniques, yoga or any other activities, it is an important tool to keep your heart healthy.

To help mitigate the risks of heart disease, educate your employees to follow the above steps to keep them happy, healthy, and productive. Employers can take the advantage of S10’s Comprehensive organizational health program to help their employees improve their heart health! For more information call 044-40510510!



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