Eye Exercises to Improve Vision in Kids
21 Jan' 19

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision in Kids

As parents we always want the best for our children. This holds true for their vision too! We do all what we can to help our children develop and maintain good vision to last a lifetime. In spite of every effort to protect our child's vision, eye problems can crop up. If you are looking to fix the root of the problem and improve their vision naturally, here you go! Eye exercises are a great way to help children build and maintain perfect eyesight naturally, without the use of contacts or glasses.

The following are some of the simple eye exercises for your children to improve vision. These exercises are safe for children of all age groups. Help your child do these exercises for a few days and once they get used to it they will be able to handle on their own.

Eye shifting exercises: This is a simple exercise. Make your child hold a pencil in his hand at arm’s length and ask him to focus on it. Then ask him to bring the pencil closer to his nose. Then instruct him to move the pencil farther away so much so he is not able to focus on it. Make your child repeat these exercises for 10 or more times. This helps to improve their focus.

Eye rotating exercises: This is yet another simple way to improve your child’s vision. Practice your child to rotate his eyes first in the clockwise direction for a couple of seconds. Then make him move his eyes in the anti-clockwise direction for a few seconds. Make your child repeat these exercises for five times, making sure they blink in-between.

Tracking exercises: Suspend a ball to a string and hang it in front of your child. Swing it to and fro. Ask your child to focus on the ball without moving his head. This exercise is great for building their tracking muscles.

Eyelid fluttering exercises: Make your child flutter his eyelids rapidly and continuously for twenty to thirty counts. This should be followed by closing and resting the eyes. Encourage your child do these exercises twice a day. This helps to improve lubrication and prevent dry eyes.

Clock exercise: Ask your child to imagine a clock on the wall. Instruct your child to look in the centre of the clock. Say a number and ask him to look where that particular number would appear on the clock. Once done he should look back to the centre of the clock. Repeat this exercise for ten times, making sure that your child uses his eyes only and keeps his head still.

Eye writing exercises: Make your child stand facing a brightly colored wall. Say an alphabet aloud and ask your child to imaginarily draw the letter by moving his eyes only. Make sure your child doesn’t move his head. This is a great exercise to strengthen your child’s eye muscles.

Bouncing ball exercise: Make your child bounce a ball with one hand and ask him to catch it with his other hand. The ball should bounce on the floor to form a V shape. While doing this instruct your child to follow the movement of the ball with his eyes. Make your child repeat the exercises with his other hand.

Ball throwing exercise: Instruct your child to throw a ball with his right hand and catch it with his left. Then ask him to try throwing it in the opposite direction. While doing so, make sure that your child’s eyes follow the ball. Ask your child to blink his eyes every time he catches the ball. Most importantly your child should try throwing the ball lower than his eye level.

As a parent it is your duty to make your child start doing these exercises at an early age so that they do not rely on glasses or contacts later on in life. These simple exercises coupled with a well-balanced diet could go a long way in ensuring naturally healthy eyes for your child, for life. 


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