Diabetes - Living well at work
11 Jul' 18

Diabetes - Living well at work

Sweet Ways to Manage Diabetes at Work!

In today’s super hectic world, with the demands of job, family and other obligations there is little time left to squeeze healthy choices, even if you want to. As you juggle around, it’s often easier to grab the nearest quick food to keep your energy levels, without considering its effect on your health. And when contemplating whether to work an extra hour or head to the fitness center, it can be harder to convince yourself to get up and break that productivity stride. No wonder, more young adults than ever are hit with diabetes. But don’t take it hard. You can manage diabetes without much strife, even at work! Amidst long working hours, tight project deadlines, performance expectations, peer pressure and endless meetings.

The following tips could help you manage diabetes effectively at workplace and be your best self!

  1. It is best to you tell your boss and a few trusted co-workers that you have diabetes. This is for your own safety. Your boss will go an extra mile to provide the support and reasonable adjustments at work, like extra breaks for blood sugar monitoring, giving yourself a shot or taking meals. 
  2. Make it a practice to carry your own home-prepared food and some healthy snacks and keep it at your desk. This ensures that you aren’t tempted to buy from the cafeteria or use the vending machines.
  3. Never skip your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast could cause hazardous spike in your blood glucose levels.
  4. Make sure to keep your blood glucose meter and insulin supplies within your easy reach. 
  5. Stress can wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels and make you less sensitive to insulin. Simple strategies can help you remain cool. Well, to manage work-related stress, learn to prioritize tasks, don’t over-commit yourself, delegate tasks when you can, practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing or take time off and go on a vacation. If you feel no better, consider switching jobs. 
  6. Too much sitting is bad. So make time to move. Walk to a colleague’s desk to chat instead of making a call, use the stairs instead of the lift or take a walk during lunch breaks. Take phone calls while standing at your desk as you can burn some extra 50 calories. You can even set a timer to go off every 30 minutes to remind you to get up, take a walk or stretch at your desk. 
  7. Keep emergency supplies handy like glucose tablets or candies to treat a low sugar episode. Store them at your desk.
  8. Consider using a wearable device called CGM (Continuous glucose monitor) that checks your glucose levels every five minutes and alerts you when it is high or low. 
  9. Keep in touch with your office healthcare team as they might educate you on the tips and tricks to manage diabetes effectively.

A recent study revealed that over 10% of the people living in cities have diabetes of which half of them are unaware of it. Quite alarming isn’t it! As the diabetes epidemic grows, so does the need to address diabetes at workplace also. So take advantage of S10 Health’s Health and Wellbeing Program, if available at your office! It encourages healthy living practices and promotes health and wellbeing at workplace. Or you opt to take a Diabetes lifestyle Management package at S10 Health and take better control over your health and quality of life! It provides the tools and support to overcome the daily challenges and maintain an active life!

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