Common Dental Problems in Children
11 Aug' 18

Common Dental Problems in Children

6 Most Common Dental Problems In Children

Good oral hygiene practices need to be inculcated at an early age. Encouraging your child develop great tooth-friendly habits can help prevent dental complications and the need for orthodontic devices like braces when they are older. That is why it is important to catch dental problems early to help preserve their pearly whites healthy through the years. Moreover, prompt attention to the developing symptoms can save your little ones from unnecessary pain.

There are a number of dental problems that can impact children. Keep reading to know the dental issues, reasons and how they could be avoided.

Tooth decay: Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in children. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in your child’s mouth begin to eat away at the teeth. Kids love sugary treats, making them more susceptible to tooth decay. Attention to diet and strict oral hygiene can help prevent tooth decay.

Bad breath: If you have noticed that your little ones breath is not pleasant, improper oral hygiene could be the main culprit. A dry mouth or gum disease could also contribute to bad breath. Have your child brush his teeth twice a day and floss daily to ensure fresh breath

Sensitive teeth: If your child complains of a tingly feeling or a sharp pain when brushing or chewing, probably your child is experiencing sensitive teeth. This could be due to a cavity, a hairline crack in the tooth or incorrect brushing. Get your child a tooth brush with softer bristles and make sure they brush well twice a day with moderate pressure. You can also consult your child’s dentist for more advice.

Teeth grinding: Some children grind their teeth at night. Do you hear a screeching, gritting sound while your child is sleeping? Don’t be startled. This is teeth grinding. This happens in response to stress or pain or when the top and bottom rows of your child’s teeth do not align properly. A custom-made mouth guard could help your child from teeth grinding.

Thumb sucking: As an infant it is normal for your child to pop a finger or thumb to self-soothe or fall asleep. However, if this practice of thumb sucking continues into preschool years it could lead to problems in speech and teeth alignment. If you want your child to stop, try talking with them about it. A positive reinforcement and encouragement can help break the habit.

Gum disease: The gums have a very important role to play. They protect the bones and hold the teeth in place. If plaque and tartar build at the base of the teeth, it can make your child’s gums swollen and bleed. This is the beginning of gum disease. This is a fairly common condition and can be improved by proper brushing and professional cleaning.

Proper dental care that begins early provides the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Dental problems can affect anyone, anytime and all you do is rush to a dentist. But, when they crop up at an early age it could lead to serious complications later on in life. If you believe your child has symptoms of one of these common dental problems, Call 044-40510510 and request a consultation at S10 Health SafeCare certified Paediatric dental clinic. We put children on the path to good oral health and overall health!


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