Organizations play a critical role in employees wellbeing, as a major portion of an individual’s time is at workplace. While organizations have been evolving rapidly to promote health and wellbeing at workplace, the environment, lifestyle and health issues can impede demonstrable results and health outcomes. S10 Health, the fastest growing global clinic and wellbeing network enables organizations to incorporate health & wellness screening as per government guidelines, to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. It is now possible to provide fitness & exercise routines in office environments without the heavy lifting of gyms or lack of personal touch on apps, provides a complete gym in a phone. will be a great value enhancer for you and your employees.


Our Health & Wellbeing Program will be customized to the needs of workplace and accessible to all employees. Our highly qualified medical team offers a wide range of medical and nursing services in a friendly and caring environment. Our medical team includes Occupational Health Expert, a GP, and a team of nurses, a counsellor and a physiotherapy team backed by specialists in various specialties as a part of SafeCare Network. The health and wellbeing of our employees are paramount and we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care and health education. During employment period, the Health Program is open in line with office timings and an out-of-hours telephone support service for out of office and non-office time.

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From appropriate health assessments based on age, gender and goal to the provision of care coordination services through online portal, app and dedicated call center, we have it all. Our convenient omni channel appointment booking with Safecare standard clinics for acute, chronic care and preventive services, including non-communicable diseases management lays the foundation for a workforce that will be physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy. Health data from screening and periodic monitoring is automatically updated in our health portal . It is completely secure and is personalised. Employees can view the progress of their health in line with current guidelines.


• Access to Health records
• Tracking Health Status
• On device advice
• SafeCare Network access

Why should you enroll?

  •   Rising awareness of healthy lifestyle
  •   Rising lifestyle diseases, obesity, diabetes sedentary life style
  •   Body and exercise routine becoming part of daily life
  •   Fitness & exercise routines are increasing in office environments
  •   Group Corporate programs can provide the best bargains with un-matched value
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