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Organizations play a critical role in employees wellbeing, as a major portion of an individual’s time is at workplace. While organizations have been evolving rapidly to promote health and wellbeing at workplace, the environment, lifestyle and health issues can impede demonstrable results and health outcomes. S10 Health, the fastest growing global clinic and wellbeing network enables organizations to incorporate health & wellness screening to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

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Finding Fun At Work

  • Healthy people take
    fewer sick days

  • Early identification
    of risks

  • Lower medical

  • People like
    wellness programs

  • People commit to
    caring organisations

The Simple And Effective Program

  • Health risk

  • myHealth

  • VinCense
    Health Station

  • Incentive & Wellness

Health Risk Assessment

Get comprehensive risk reports, quickly and easily.

Blood Profile
NCD risk
Biometric risk

myHealth App

Personal health records are fully integrated with myHealth

From appropriate health assessments based on age, gender and goal to the provision of care coordination services through online portal, app and dedicated call center, we have it all. Our convenient omni channel appointment booking with SafeCare standard clinics for acute, chronic care and preventive services, including non-communicable diseases management lays the foundation for a generation that will be physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy. Health data from screening and periodic monitoring is automatically updated in our health portal. It is completely secure and is personalised.


  • Access to health records
  • Tracking health status
  • On device advice
  • SafeCare Network access

VinCense Health Station

Clinical grade vital screening - Pulse rate, BP, Sugar & SPO2

S10 Health Control Panel

Overall dashboard of the employees

Organization Control Panel provides the company with a health dashboard of all the employees. It motivates new employees and supports the on-boarding employees. We can build rewards and motivational programs that ensure that the health of the employee is a key differentiator for the organization. We can identify risk groups and ensure that they are "living well" based on our health and wellness programs specifically designed for each and everyone of them. Wellness App

Employees get diet and exercise programs

  • Setup - Profile, PAR-Q screening, Physical activity assessment and goal setting
  • Exercise - Daily exercise program, Choice of personal trainer bots and training by
    virtual BOT trainer for exercise sequence, repetition, intensity and progression
  • Diet - Daily nutrition needs and foods to choose
  • Dashboard - Track and monitor progress on exercise and diet program
  • Challenges - 5 levels and 150 challenges to attain super human Fitness
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