HiPer for Women

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HiPer for Women

This power packed program helps you to uncover barriers and obstacles that prevent you from having the energy and vibrancy you want. HiPer for Women provides the tools and tips to keep your energy high, your mind sharp, your waistline slim and your health at its best. Learn to lose weight naturally, gain more energy and balance your hormones, allowing you to live a more active, happy and balanced life with HiPer for Women! Feel focused, energized and confident to unleash the healthy, passionate woman inside you! This package helps to inspire, energize and ignite women to reach their limitless potential! Yes, it’s time to maximize your performance and supercharge your health, with HiPer for Women. Enjoy a greater sense of vitality and feel amazing, always.

  • 1 year program duration
  • Personal Health Assessment - Bio Mechanical, General Health, Bio Chemistry
  • Self-Assessment – Physical & Environmental Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Spiritual & Social Health
  • High Performance goal modelling
  • Goal setting – Fitness goal
  • Specialist consultation & oversight
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Exercise plan - Addressing special needs - Pre natal, Post-natal, Midlife & Menopause
  • Posture correction
  • Unique needs - Overcoming women specific hormonal issues
  • Emotional conditioning – Meditation
  • Rehabilitation - Scientific integrated therapy voucher @ S10 Sports Lounge