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Fertility for Him & Her

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Fertility for Him & Her

Fertility for him/her package – Know your fertility status
Fertility screening helps you to assess the status of your fertility potential. A great option to identify potential issues, which may need to be addressed prior to having a baby. Recommended for those trying to conceive or indeed just wanting reassurance about their Fertility status!

 1.     Blood Count

2.     Sugar

3.     Serum / Creatinine / Urea

4.     Urine Routine

5.     Rubella Testing

6.     Day 2 Hormone Testing

7.     Ultra Sound Scan

8.     Ovulation Testing (FS)

9.     Tubal Patency Testing (HSG)

10.    Husband Semen Analysis

11.    Breast, Pelvic Examination & Pap Smear / Cancer Screening

12.    Infertility Counseling

13.    Doctor Consultation
By appointments only and conditions apply.