HiPer for All

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HiPer for All

HiPer for All helps to push beyond perceived limits and discover your true potential in every aspect of life. It empowers you with scientifically proven tools to improve your health, vitality, productivity and overall wellness. Attain your peak state and catapult your life to new heights with HiPer for All! Feel a new sense of power, vitality, energy and happiness cascading through your entire being. With HiPer for All, you get into your zone of optimal performance!

Experience a state of high performance, resilience and vibrant health where your body and mind work together in unison, providing performance beyond what you would expect. Rejuvenate your energy levels and create an exciting, happy, healthy and truly fulfilled life, with HiPer for All!

  • 1 year program duration
  • Personal Health Assessment - Bio Mechanical, General Health, Bio Chemistry (Optional)
  • Self-Assessment – Physical & Environmental Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Spiritual & Social Health
  • High Performance goal modelling – General fitness
  • Goal setting – Fitness goal
  • Specialist consultation & oversight
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Exercise plan - Personalized functional fitness
  • Posture correction