Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a multi disciplinary specialty that deals with the physical fitness and injuries associated with life style, exercises, sporting endeavors and other athletic activities. With the tremendous increase in the number of athletes participating in sporting seasons, rigorous practices and competitive sporting pursuits, Sports Medicine has evolved as a legitimate orthopedic subspecialty and carved niche in caring for athletes across the globe. Sports injuries are common in competitive and professional sports activities mainly due to overuse, acute trauma, inadequate training, improper protective gear, over stretching, insufficient warm up or lack of conditioning. Yes, sports injuries are common, yet unexpected. Hence, every sports team has a team of specialized physicians to cater to the needs of each player and his/her specific injury. These sports physicians are experts who tend to the needs of both amateur and elite athletes. In short, sports medicine is an integrated and comprehensive approach to prevent, recognize, manage and rehabilitate sports and exercise related injuries or illnesses. However, Sports Medicine that has emerged as a distinct entity in healthcare sector is not only for the competitive athletes but also for anyone with musculoskeletal problems, workplace posture related ailments and ergonomic issues.

Importance of Sports Medicine in the athletic arena

If you are starting to play sports or incorporate an exercise regime, then muscle soreness, stiffness, cuts, bruises or blisters are simply part of the process. Fortunately, a Sports Medicine physician can give you a sporting chance to quick recovery. Sports Medicine keeps you in the game. Yes, it keeps you physically fit, healthy and competitive. With Sports Medicine program you can get back to your game safely and quickly to perform at your peak, with less pain. If you are a sports enthusiast Sports Medicine helps you enhance your physical performance and health, helping you reach your goals you have set for yourself. Remember, playing with pain can only ruin your game. Sports Medicine includes patient education, customized care and advanced treatment measures to ensure the highest level of recovery and physical ability. Yes, with Sports Medicine you can regain an active lifestyle and get back to optimum performance.

Participation in sports can pave the way for a wide range of injuries like sprains, swollen muscles, knee injuries, dislocations, fractures and many more. Generally, sports injuries occur due to overexertion, excessive fatigue, improper gear, inadequate conditioning, accidents, poor training techniques or insufficient stretching or warming up. Sports injuries can be incredibly debilitating and frustrating, keeping you benched on the sidelines when it really counts. Luckily, most sporting injuries can be treated effectively and people who have sustained injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity even after injury.

Importance of Sports Medicine in dealing with musculoskeletal and ergonomic issues

Various scientific studies have revealed that there is a connection between job physical demands and work related musculoskeletal problems. Prolonged exposure to physical stress, overexertion, awkward postures, excessive vibration, repetitive tasks and heavy lifting can dramatically increase the incidence of potentially hazardous work related musculoskeletal problems. Adherence to good ergonomic practices can greatly reduce the extent and severity of these injuries. Developing injury prevention strategies and timely medical interventions can help control, treat and recover from ergonomic health hazards and work related musculoskeletal problems. As ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders continue to be the dominant cause of disability and lost work time it is important to prevent and manage it effectively. It is here the need for a Sports Medicine physician arises. A Sports Medicine doctor identifies ergonomic hazards, offers medical assessments and formulates treatment plans to address the health issues associated with it. Yes, a Sports Medicine physician can help you tackle and find solutions for ergonomic and musculoskeletal issues.