Mental Conditioning

Mental Conditioning can take you from being a good performer to becoming an elite performer, in your life, sports and career. No wonder, Mental Conditioning has become an essential component of sports training programs across the world. Yes, Sports requires, 'putting your brains in your muscles’. A small difference in your ‘mental power’ often makes a big difference between winning and losing a game. Hence, maximizing sports performance through mental conditioning is the secret to winning at the highest level of competition. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Yes, for an athlete to win it’s all in his/her heads! If you feel that your head is preventing you from becoming a winner, Mental Toughness Training is essential to provide you with the ability to consistently perform and maintain the focus and concentration to push through all challenging moments. Mental conditioning is to bring out the champion in YOU! With Mental conditioning you unlock your potential and play your best when it means the most. Remember to be a better athlete you should not just train harder and longer but also have a good “combat mindset”!

Do you train hard only to find that at critical moments your concentration skills fail you? Take up a mental conditioning program today and train your psychological readiness! Mental conditioning is a great way to provide athletes with a competitive edge!

The Procedure

Mental conditioning program comprises of highly interactive individual sessions and workshops to provide strategies, tools and techniques to get the most of your athletic endeavors. A Mental Conditioning program involves

  1. Teaching peak performance strategies to speed up an athlete’s learning curve and maximize his/her potential.
  2. Memory exercises, emotional training, personality tests and focus training to enhance mental capacity.
  3. Relaxation techniques that help relieve anxiety and tension to improve performance through better focus and concentration.
  4. Tips to ignite confidence, stay composed under pressure and deal with distractions and setbacks.

The Mental conditioning coach will also go off-site to observe the mental state of the athlete, both on field and off field. Mental toughness program may include a one-on-one session to help athletes discuss their problems. If they have difficulties in coping up with pressure situations, dealing with disappointments, controlling anger, adjusting with team members or sticking to an exercise regime a psychological counselling and guidance may be provided.

The Symptoms

You may need a Mental conditioning program if

  • Your head is preventing you from becoming a winner
  • You suffer from slumps, psych-outs, runaway emotions, intimidations, negativity, lack of confidence or bad breaks
  • You perform better in practice than at “crunch time” when it counts the most
  • You consistently underachieve in your sport

The Eligibility

Mental conditioning can be used by anyone, in any sport and at any skill level, especially if

  • You are intending to identify the pitfalls in your attitude, mental barriers and behaviors that might restrict you from reaching your full potential and achieving your performance goals
  • You want to learn strategies to maximize your mental game
  • You want to put an end to self-limiting, self-defeating negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes
  • You want to build confidence and self-esteem on and off the field

The Risks Involved

Mental conditioning program is completely safe.

The Impact

While a "quick fix" may sometimes be necessary and effective, mental skills need to be learned and improved with practice just like any other skill. So, this will take time, determination and dedication, but will be worth it in the end! Yes, just like anything else, commitment is the key to making your mental conditioning a success.

If you excel in practice but struggle to find your niche in game situations, it is time you take up a Mental Conditioning Program! Building “mental muscle” is absolutely necessary in competitive sports. A Mental Toughness Training will guide you down the road to sporting success. Master the mantras and mental tricks to stay undeterred by fierce competitors! Dream BIG, a Mental Conditioning Program helps you visualize your finish line! Discover the secrets to winning your game!