Postural Alignment

A good posture communicates positive self-worth and reflects your attitude towards life. Yes, a balanced posture can project a better level of self- confidence, create a powerful body language, establish a strong physical presence and promote better functionality of the body. Good posture is one of the most fundamental yet frequently overlooked areas of preventative care of the body. Postural imbalances can contribute to joint and muscle pain, muscular tension, decreased internal organ function and make you susceptible to injury. A Posture Therapy technique is a perfect way to address the issues associated with postural misalignment in a holistic manner. Posture alignment therapy is an individualized program that comprises of corrective stretches, exercises and positions designed to gently coax your body to its natural alignment so that it will function efficiently, without pain, tension or fatigue. Don’t slouch or stoop! Take control of your posture and your life – Opt for Postural alignment Therapy! Remember, it is never too late to learn correct postural habits! Improve your posture with postural therapy and carry yourself with grace, poise and elegance! Make your body speak with good posture!

The Procedure

Postural Alignment Therapy aims to tackle the root cause of your pain – incorrect posture. This therapy restores the body's correct anatomical position by utilizing specific stretches and functional exercises based on your unique postural restoration needs. Your Posture Therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment including an extensive health history, a functional muscle test and a close look at your eight major load bearing joints - your two shoulders, two hips, two knees and two ankles. He/she will visually show you where your posture is off balance by taking photos and perform a gait analysis to determine the dysfunctions that are triggering your pain. Posture photos will be taken on every visit to track the progress of your structural changes. This will be used to design an appropriate posture program aimed at restoring your body’s natural anatomical alignment.

The Symptoms

You may need a Postural Alignment therapy if you

  • Have chronic pain like osteoarthritis, back, neck, knee or hip pain, degenerative disc disease, stress/tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome or TMJ
  • Are fighting a chronic, uncertain and tedious battle against crookedness
  • Have been in chronic pain and is tired of quick fixes that only offer short-term relief

The Eligibility

You are an ideal candidate for Posture Therapy if you

  • Are looking to improve alignment and balance by eliminating the underlying causes of pain and physical limitation
  • Have stopped engaging in hobbies or activities you love to do because you are in pain
  • Perform your daily activities of living differently due to pain or physical limitations
  • Are willing to stay motivated and disciplined and take responsibility for your health while committing to a holistic, long-term solution

The Risks Involved

Postural Therapy empowers you to take charge of your health, allowing your body to naturally heal and restore itself. It incorporates exercises which are a natural solution to pain management without any drugs or surgery. Yes, it includes a holistic exercise technique that uses gravity and a person’s own body weight to improve alignment and balance - all without drugs or risks.

The Impact

The process of change and the degree of success will take some time to show up. When practiced on a regular basis Posture Alignment Therapy will become more and more functional providing long lasting and permanent pain relief.

Good posture is indeed a positive indicator of health. If you suffer from postural issues, opt for a Posture Alignment Therapy that targets the “source of your pain,” and not just a “Band-Aid” effect to mask or reduce your pain. Fix your muscle imbalances and postural distortions now! You Don’t Have to Live with Pain anymore. Remember, how you carry yourself speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself!