Water - a remarkable commonplace, but indispensable substance has amazing healing properties and restorative powers. Hydrotherapy, otherwise known as Aquatic Physiotherapy, is a water-based physiotherapy treatment conducted in a warm relaxing environment. The healing power of hydrotherapy uses “weightlessness” to provide therapeutic effects. Yes, it is an excellent therapeutic, low-impact therapy for pain relief and expedite recovery from specific injuries. The combination of warmth and buoyancy of the water provides a relaxing medium in which a series of gentle therapeutic exercises are carried out to help regain or enhance physical wellbeing. Hydrotherapy is suitable for all age and fitness levels. Utilize the unique properties of warm water to enhance circulation, relax muscle spasms, improve joint range of motion and alleviate aches and pains. Opt for hydrotherapy today to rejuvenate, reinvigorate and relax your whole body!

The Procedure

You must have an initial physiotherapy assessment that involves providing you a diagnosis of your problem and information about what you can expect in terms of improvement. You will be expected to shower before and after entering the pool. Hydrotherapy sessions are conducted by a trained Physiotherapist and consist of active exercises carried out in water. Hydrotherapy pools are shallow indoor pools specially designed for providing hydrotherapy treatments. The water is maintained at a thermoneutral temperature of 33-35°C, which is comfortably warm to ensure a pleasant environment to exercise. This environment of warmth and weightlessness eases pain, promotes muscle relaxation and increases freedom of movement. Hydrotherapy exercises are tailored to your individual needs to give you the best opportunity to improve your condition.

The Symptoms

You may need a hydrotherapy session if you

  • Are recovering from injury or dealing with chronic conditions
  • Are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, stroke, cerebral palsy, ankylosing spondylitis or sports injuries

The Eligibility

You are eligible for Hydrotherapy if you

  • Are looking for a post-operative rehabilitation
  • Are looking for an alternative to land exercising, have high risk of falling and keen on enhancing and accelerating your rehabilitation process
  • Are looking for a treatment for neuromuscular reeducation and strengthening
  • Are looking for pain relief, reduction in muscle spasm and increased joint range of motion
  • Are looking for a rehab after joint replacement surgery
  • Have the confidence and happiness to move in a weightless relaxing environment
  • Are looking for a non-impact environment to improve cardiorespiratory fitness

The Risks Involved

One of the possible risks of hydrotherapy is overheating and/or burning. However, when properly supervised this is a minimal risk. The warmth of the water and exercise may make you feel tired but this is perfectly normal and should improve after a few sessions.

The Impact

Hydrotherapy reduces stress on the body’s joints, lowers the risk of re-injury, improves muscle strength and tone, enhances cardiovascular function and improves range of motion, flexibility and endurance. The therapeutic warmth relieves pain, eases muscle spasm and improves circulation. However, you have to bear in mind that Hydrotherapy is not a cure or quick fix and requires commitment and persistence from you.

Hydrotherapy - harnesses the life-giving power of water in relieving pain and promoting overall wellness! The ‘properties of water’ make it a gentle, supportive and relaxing medium to exercise, relax, unwind and deal with pain effectively. Moving in water gives you a unique sense of freedom. Enjoy the warmth and the freedom of movement in a weightless environment for the best possible water rehabilitation outcomes!