Exercise Therapy

Exercise is medicine, and it has profound therapeutic effects on our bodies. Exercise Therapy is the use of a planned regimen of physical activities designed and prescribed to achieve specific therapeutic goals. Exercise therapy is based on the principles of ‘exercise science’ and uses specific stylized movements to improve the way the body functions. This form of therapy focuses on moving the body parts to help relieve symptoms, improve mobility and restore function. Yes, sometimes the best therapy is to get your body moving! Exercise therapy that comprises of scientifically substantiated techniques and protocols is a perfect way to achieve “recovery of physical ability and function”! Opt for Exercise therapy not just to promote an active lifestyle but also to achieve ‘lifelong health and wellbeing’!

The Procedure

When you are in pain, whether it is caused by an injury or chronic condition, it sometimes feels like you can’t move around freely. It is here the need for Exercise therapy arises. Exercises specially designed for you are a perfect way to regain normal movement, strength and finally a functional “YOU.” Your Sports Specialist Doctor or Therapist can recognize these ‘unhealthy and faulty movement patterns’, even if your body has got used to it. For this purpose the Sports Specialist Doctor will make a full body assessment and discuss any concerns you may have during your consultation. If your doctor or therapist feels that exercise therapy is the ideal treatment for you, he/she will develop a treatment plan to meet your individualized needs. Typically an Exercise Therapy program may include exercises to maximize physical abilities, optimize muscular functioning, improve physical fitness and enhance overall health and well-being.

The Symptoms

You many need an Exercise therapy if

  • You have recently had an injury related to work, sports, a fall or an accident
  • You are suffering from low back pain, neck pain or chronic diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • You are a stroke survivor deconditioned and predisposed to a sedentary lifestyle that limits performance of activities of daily living
  • You require muscle conditioning and strengthening before or after surgery

The Eligibility

You are an ideal candidate for Exercise Therapy if you are

  • Looking to recover from an injury and avoid future injury
  • Considering for options to live more easily with chronic or ongoing health conditions
  • Looking to regain function and strength after undergoing an operation
  • Seeking for help to relieve stress, get a better night’s sleep, combat depression and improve an overall sense of wellbeing
  • Having a strong commitment to stay motivated during the program

The Risks Involved

Exercise Therapy is a holistic approach to correcting faulty movement patterns, restoring function and enhancing vitality. It is generally safe. However, not every treatment program will work for all patients, and risks may arise. One of the major problemwith Exercise Therapy is pain, which may lead to confusion and poor motivation to continue. There is also no guarantee of recovery or complete resolution of symptoms. Frequent appointments, baseline pain, slow progress and lengthy time spent in therapy can tax your schedule.

The Impact

Exercise Therapy for an injury or a chronic condition can result in substantial reduction in pain, improved functional ability, change in faulty movement patterns, cutback on hospital visits, reduction of medication, increased independence and enhanced overall quality of life. Most of all the results are long-lasting!

Exercise therapy plays a crucial role in the process of healing and recovering from injury or disease. Yes, it is a unique art of healing! Keep your muscles and joints feeling great with Exercise Therapy! Address faulty movements! Work to improve your level of function and move towards greater independence! Exercise Therapy – a great way to maximize health and improve the quality of your life!