Injury Prevention

S10’s injury prevention programs are designed to save you from the risk of injury across various life domains, including sport, activities of daily living and the workplace. We provide you with the tools, training and knowledge necessary to minimize your risk of injury in any of these domains of life.

Repetitive tasks, forceful exertions and repetitive/sustained awkward postures can lead to workplace injuries. Similarly, excessive training, especially beyond the body’s ability to recover, poor training techniques, lack of rest between activities, over-exertion and repeated rapid movements are the reasons for injuries in sports.

Improper posture, overuse, stress, insufficient rest, excessive force and incorrect ergonomic technique all contribute to chronic pain and injuries that spell the end of careers. We at S10 Sports Lounge provide the injury prevention tips and tools and the best defense strategies against injuries. They include postural alignment, stretching and flexibility exercises, movement pattern correction, bio-mechanical assessment and ergonomic interventions to correct body mechanics and overcome injuries. Take up an Injury prevention program at S10 - prevent injuries and maximize your health and physical performance.