Injury Prevention Treatment

It is always better to prevent an injury than to recover from it. So, why suffer the pain and consequences of a condition when it can be prevented? We at S10 believe that the best way to prevent an injury is to be prepared for the sport, both physically and mentally. Our Injury Prevention Program implements new strategies to prevent injuries with the goal of promoting a safe, healthy and optimal sports experience. Our program is exclusively geared towards strength and power development and agility training that not only helps to reduce the risk of injuries but also improves sports performance and overall health and function. We at S10 provide injury prevention tips to make sure safety is your first priority. So, keep yourself in the game for life with S10’s Injury Prevention Program.
The Procedure
Using latest techniques we evaluate and identify any areas of weakness that could make you prone to an injury. Based on this result we help create a personalized physical therapy routine designed to improve strength and coordination and reduce the risk of injury. We also show you specific stretching exercises that can help you improve agility and increase flexibility. Finally, we guide you on the use of appropriate protective equipment and help you in the selection of proper fitting footwear to avoid or mitigate foot injuries.
The Symptoms
Whether you are a professional athlete, aspiring amateur, recreational competitor or a weekend warrior, an Injury Prevention Program is vital to enhance performance and remain injury-free.
The Eligibility
You are eligible for an Injury Prevention Program if you are looking to
  • Minimize the risk of chronic injuries to your vital muscles
  • Decrease the risk of injuries with techniques and tips on strengthening your muscles and joints
  • Safeguard your body against injuries with the proper usage of your muscles and joints
  • Condition your body to adapt to the training load of your specific sport
  • Develop strength and endurance and also increase athletic performance
The Risks Involved
Injury Prevention Program is absolutely risk-free, but remember it is important to work with professionals, trained in your sport and dedicated to making sure you are properly conditioned before engaging in the sport.
The Impact
The benefit of a Sports Injury Prevention Program is not only about injury avoidance but also about how to increase athletic performance. Above all, Injury Prevention Program provides you with invaluable tips and advice on how to effectively engage in sports while safeguarding your physical health.

Time away from game is something we all want to avoid. S10 Health is geared towards providing guidance on healthy and safe athletic participation. Our SafeCare Network Sports Physicians can advise and train you on injury prevention techniques to keep injury at bay. Take the advantage of a pre-emptive approach to protect your body with S10’s Injury Prevention Program. We help you stay safe whatever sport you play! Stay injury free with S10’s Injury Prevention Program!