Genetic Testing

Whether you are intending to get fit, eat a little healthier, enhance sports performance or just improve overall well-being and vitality –your genetics holds the valuable information to do this, just for you. Yes, the power of genetics provides a solid blueprint to make the best choices for you – be it shaping up, building muscle, nutrition, enhancing sports performance or making changes to your lifestyle for optimal well being. And all this by a simple saliva swab.

You are absolutely unique, so why follow everybody else’s diet or fitness regime? Use the power of genetics to uncover your unique dietary and fitness needs. Customize your exercise and nutrition plan to pursue your goals, whatever they may be. Whilst you can't change your genes, you can definitely change the way you train and eat to best suit your genetic profile.


Get set to maximize your personal goals using a deeper understanding of your personal genetics. With a simple saliva swab, create a truly personalized solution to unlock you, better.