DNA Analysis

The power of genes - it makes us who we are, so much so that they make an indelible impact on every aspect of our health. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else though. This holds true for physical exercise too. We are all different in our own ways - both physically and genetically and the way in which we respond to exercise. Yes, genes influence your body’s response to diet, nutrition and exercise. Genetic training ensures personalization of your workouts, with customized training plans and exercises using your DNA, assuring you the fastest route to achieving your individual fitness goals. In a nut shell, reaching your full fitness potential is easy with genetic testing. Take a DNA testing today! It is indeed quick, easy and affordable! Our “response to training” is hardwired into our bodies! Yes, it is determined by genetics! So, train smarter, not harder with genetic testing! The secret to a dream body lies in your genetic code!

The Procedure

Saliva tests are ordered where a swab is put in your mouth to collect the saliva or sufficient quantities of saliva are gathered by asking you to spit for several minutes into a collecting tube. This sample of your saliva is then sent to the genetic laboratory for DNA analysis. This helps to find out your power/strength, endurance, how your body responds to exercise, how prone it is to injury and how quickly your muscles recover from exertion. This helps to devise a specific workout plan based on your DNA make-up.

The Symptoms

You may need a Genetic testing if

  • You are susceptible to sports-related traumas and injuries
  • Lack endurance capacity, speed and strength
  • You experience “Pain wall” that results from intense exercise and pressure undercompetition

A DNA testing helps you to identify genetic athletic barriers and overcome them successfully.

The Eligibility

Genetic testing for fitness is perfect for the “sciencey-type” looking out for

  • A new fitness plan that promises to match the best exercises for your bodies, based on your genetic make-up
  • Fitness enthusiasts who are fed up pounding away on the treadmill with no obvious results
  • A customized fitness program devised taking into account your ability to cope up with power and endurance
  • A personalized fitness regime that takes into account the potential injury risk and optimum recovery time between exercise sessions
  • An individualized fitness program that gives dietary and training advice
  • A scientifically proven approach to exercise

The Risks Involved

There are no known risks associated with salvia sample testing.

The Impact

The genetic fitness test isolates and examines a ‘handful’ that specially plays a role in the way your bodies respond to fitness. So, it helps to determine your power and endurance potential, training volume, training frequency, the injury risk profile, muscle recovery, nutrition needs and training recommendations to optimize training results and minimize injury risk. Yes, fitness genomics helps you to understand your metabolism and dietary traits, optimize the effects of physical activity and enhance the nutritional balance of your diet.

Fitness genomics has indeed revolutionized the entire heath industry. Genetic testing promises tailor bespoke training programs according to your DNA! Unlock the secrets of the best training and nutritional programs, just for you! With a simple mouth swab test, understand your DNA which forms the bedrock of your fitness plan, whether your goal is to lose weight, perform better or prevent injury. Customize your diet, nutrition and exercise and get up-to-date fitness advice too! Attain superior training gains with genetic testing! Learn about your body’s makeup and train according to your genetic potential! Test your genes and get a tailored fitness program to suit your individual biochemistry!