Functional Training for Sports

Functional training for sports is a “purposeful training program” to condition your body to perform its best during a competition. It entails a variety of flexibility, strength, power, speed and cardiovascular techniques to help you achieve your fullest playing potential. Simply put, this sports-specific training helps you develop the required functional strength and fitness to excel in your sport and remain injury free. Enroll for a functional training program today and perform your best with notable improvements. With functional training you can definitely perform better than your peers! Analyze the demands of your sport, assess your functional fitness level and reach a higher level of athleticism with Functional Training for Sports! Keep performing at your peak performance!

The Procedure

Prior to enrolling in a customized functional training program, it is recommended that you go through a sport specific evaluation to determine if you have any dysfunctions. Your Sports Specialist will identify “energy leaks” that your body may have that causes injury or prevents you from performing at your best. You will be evaluated from your head to toe before devising a comprehensive training program tailored to your age, sport and developmental level. The training focuses on improving total athleticism, enhancing performance, reducing injury and improving stability, co-coordination and reaction time. The Sports Specialist will also measure your speed, strength and agility on day one, as well and at intervals throughout your training program. Generally, exercises in a functional training follow a progression. As you master each progression, you will be preparing yourself to perform in any challenging situation with ‘marked’ improvements.

The Symptoms

The following are the indications that you may need a Functional training program for sports

  • Young athlete whose school yard is replaced by number of year-around competitions, but he/sheis not physically equipped for this increase in volume and specialization
  • Lacks functional strength and fitness to excel and remain injury free
  • Lacks balance, speed, agility and quickness that allows you to perform optimally
  • Prone to frequent overuse injuries and muscular imbalances

The Eligibility

Ideal candidates for Sports specific functional training include the following

  • Amateur athletes - can successfully use it as their perfect ‘strength and conditioning’ training program
  • Professional level athletes - can integrate it in their year-round periodic training routines
  • Those who want to train smart, get stronger, fitter, improve their performance in their sport, prevent injuries, lose weight and develop overall fitness
  • Those who intend to build greater strength, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and focus
  • Those who can stay inspired and committed to get back to the top
  • Those attempting to make the switch from traditional training programs to the more sport-specific functional training programs

The Risks Involved

Functional training is a unique, scientific approach that focuses on injury reduction during an athletic endeavor and enhancement of performance through the use of progressively more demanding exercises. It helps improve your sport in a natural way as they use natural movements that respect your individual muscle, joint and skeletal structure. Hence, it is absolutely free from any risks. However, the functional training programs for sports include challenging full-body exercises that can cause injury if you are not properly trained or supervised.

The Impact

Functional Sports training helps you to achieve your full potential by conditioning your body to perform its best during a competition. It improves your total athleticism, enhances your performance and reduces injuries through exercise progressions. Indeed, it gives you the extra edge you need!

Consult your Sports Specialist and discover how you can unlock the key to performance enhancement using Functional Training. Achieve your athletic goals and reduce injuries using the latest research-backed training program. Improve ‘form and function’ and feel the difference in your athletic performance! Take your sport to the next level with Functional Training!