Laser Stretch Mark Removal


Stretch marks are unsightly scarring that result from too much stretching of the skin as in case of pregnancy or sudden weight gain/weight loss. While the skin does have a healing mechanism to heal these rips, they never really disappear. However, the Laser stretch mark removal that uses the powerful laser technology helps to significantly reduce the look of even the darkest stretch marks without harming the surrounding skin. Reveal a more beautiful skin that you will be proud to show off with Laser stretch mark removal.

The Procedure

This procedure uses a high-powered UV laser light to break down stretch marks, trigger tissue regeneration and improve the appearance of your skin. When controlled laser light is applied to the affected area it breaks up the molecular adhesions in the skin tissue and removes thin layers of skin. The treated area will heal in no time as fresh layers of healthy skin form quickly.

The Symptoms

You may need a Stretch mark removal treatment if you

  • Suffer from unsightly red or dark horizontal streaks along your skin as a result of pregnancy or sudden weight gain/weight loss

The Eligibility

Most eligible candidates for Stretch mark removal are

  • Women who have recently given birth
  • Those who have lost significant weight
  • Bodybuilders who have quickly developed significant muscle mass
  • Adolescents who have experienced rapid physical growth and hormone fluctuations during puberty.

The Risks Involved

Like any medical procedure, Laser stretch mark removal is not without its share of risks. Risk of blisters, superficial damage and other reactions to the treatment may occur.

The Impact

Laser stretch mark removal will require a series of treatments for vivid results. While the treatment does not change the general texture of your stretch marks, over time it will make them fade and less noticeable. The results of stretch mark removal are permanent, but you may develop new stretch marks if you gain weight or become pregnant.

Stretch marks may disappear on their own, but if they don’t it is not necessary that you have to live with them. Yes, stretch marks not only leave marks on your body, but also on your self-confidence. So opt for a Laser stretch mark removal treatment and get a clear, smooth, touchable skin you’ve been dreaming of.