Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Making a baby is the most natural thing in the world. But for some this natural act of procreation is hindered by the biggest obstacle - infertility. With the recent advances in fertility science, making babies is now possible for those infertile couples who are struggling to cope with the social disapproval and emotional heartache. Assisted Reproductive Techniques refer to the procedures that help couples conceive a child with a little help from medical technology. Indeed, these procedures have proved to be a ‘beacon of hope’ for millions of couples across the globe to successfully conceive and overcome infertility.
If you have tried all the options, and have been continuously trying to get pregnant for the last couple of years you may opt for ART - where barriers to successful conception are overcome in the laboratory. You can speak with S10’s SafeCare certified GBR‘s Fertility specialist regarding the options available, success rates and the possible risks associated with these procedures. GBR fertility experts combine medical excellence with individualized care to deliver a warm, compassionate environment and the much needed moral and emotional support when it comes to something as important as creating a new life.
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, consider making an appointment with GBR. It is a place where babies are made, families are formed and dreams are realized!