Follicular Tracking


Follicular tracking is the first line of "treatment" for couples facing infertility. It is a series of ultrasonic tests performed to track a woman's natural cycle and understand her ovulatory pattern. The scan is performed transvaginally, so as to give much clearer images. Follicular tracking can greatly optimize your chances of natural fertilization and assists fertility treatment.

The Procedure

To ensure maximum accuracy the scans are performed internally using a sterile transducer and the growing follicles are measured. This scan precisely predicts when ovulation can be expected. In case of fertility treatment it helps to determine how many active follicles are present in the ovary and when egg retrieval can be performed.

The Symptoms

The typical indications for follicular tracking includes

  • Infertility
  • Trying to get pregnant
  • Irregular and unpredictable cycles

The Eligibility

Follicular tracking is ideal for women who

  • Do not know when they are ovulating
  • Are not sure if they are ovulating at all
  • Have had several early miscarriages
  • Are on Clomid – a drug to induce ovulation

The Risks Involved

Ultrasonic monitoring have been around for many years and there are no known risks associated with it. It does not involve the use of x-rays and it is a simple, painless procedure.

The Impact

This type of assisted conception is simple and cost effective when compared to most other types of fertility treatments as there are no drugs involved. The pregnancy success rate for this type of assisted conception is also around 10%.