Refractive Surgical Procedures

Refractive surgery is the perfect way to transform the way you see the world. It is a procedure used to correct common vision problems and significantly reduce the dependency on prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. This vision correction procedure can surgically change and improve the way light rays enter the eye and are focused on the retina, helping you achieve a sharper, clearer vision.
S10 SafeCare standard Uma eye clinic uses the latest refractive technologies and surgical techniques to help patients suffering from refractive problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness and/or astigmatism to greatly improve their vision and eliminate or reduce their dependency on glasses and/or contacts.
Refractive eye surgery is not for everyone. Hence make sure to take S10 Health’s online self-evaluation test to determine if you are an eligible candidate for refractive surgery and what your probable outcome may be.