ReLEx Smile


ReLEx SMILE is a minimally invasive and innovative procedure for short-sightedness performed with the VisuMax femtosecond laser developed by Carl Zeiss. SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction – a flapless form of laser eye surgery. This new “key-hole” laser eye surgery is capable of treating higher prescriptions and regarded as an excellent option for patients with thinner corneas, dry eyes and/or contact lens intolerance. This procedure works by reshaping the cornea so that light traveling through is precisely focused onto the retina for a sharper, crispier and clearer image.

The Procedure

The SMILE procedure removes a small piece of the corneal tissue called a lenticule through a small keyhole incision. Your eye is numbed with anesthetic eye drops and a lid speculum is gently positioned to prevent accidental blinking. The entire treatment process is then performed using the Visumax femtosecond laser which places a series of pulses in the center of the cornea to carve out a lens-shaped piece of corneal tissue. Then a small side cut incision is created and the tissue is extracted from the cornea and discarded. This gives the cornea a new shape corresponding to the refractive error to be corrected and ensures optimal vision.

The Symptoms

You may need a ReLEx SMILE procedure if you

  • Suffer from corneal surface issues due to contact lens overuse
  • Suffer from dry eye syndrome
  • Have refractive errors within the following diopter ranges –
    • Myopia: 0.50 to -10.00
    • Astigmatism: +/- 0.50 to +/- 6.00
  • Have high spectacle powers

The Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a ReLEx SMILE procedure you should fulfill the following criteria

  • You must be 18 years of age with a constant eye power for over a year
  • Should not be a pregnant or lactating mother
  • Short-sighted and rejected for laser eye surgery because of thin corneas, dry eyes or contact lens intolerance

ReLEx SMILE is also best suited for those involved in frequent travels, extreme sports, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, where recovery should be quick and safe.

The Risks Involved

Loss of suction during the lamellar cuts, small tears at the incision site and incomplete lenticule removal are a few complications that one might face with SMILE. ReLEx SMILE has now been reported as a cause of corneal ectasia also.

The Impact

ReLEx SMILE ensures quick recovery, minimal discomfort and a predictable outcome without the need for a corneal flap. In majority of patients, the correction achieved from ReLEx Smile surgery is permanent. For people with dry eyes and corneal surface issues, SMILE provides a better outcome. You can experience a close to perfect vision within 24 hours and stabilizes in a few weeks.

SMILE is the latest leap in laser vision correction. Go for the innovative flapless SMILE procedure from ZEISS and enjoy improved optical quality! Indeed, SMILE is redefining refractive surgery! A SMILE that can transform your vision!