Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Non-insulin dependent diabetes or Type II diabetes runs in families and is characterized by insulin resistance or insufficient insulin production. In the case of Type II diabetes people produce insulin, but either their pancreas cannot produce the proper amount or their body has become resistant to insulin. This can usually be controlled without insulin (hence the name) and is the less serious form of diabetes. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes usually affects people over 40 years of age. With this condition the pancreas is still able to produce insulin but is not sufficient to regulate the blood glucose levels in the body. Hence, in most cases people with this condition will not be required to opt for insulin therapy. That is the reason why this type of diabetes is called Non-insulin dependent diabetes. However, they will be advised to take regular medications and make necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Type II diabetes or Non–insulin dependent diabetes can be effectively managed by eating wisely, exercising properly and maintaining a healthy weight. However, if diet and exercise are not sufficient to bring your blood sugar levels under control, you may require medication or insulin therapy.