Borderline Diabetes

Diabetes does not just develop overnight. Long before a person has diabetes, the stage is being set. Borderline diabetes is generally a silent condition and develops gradually without any warning signs or symptoms.If you have been told that you are borderline diabetic, it simply means your glucose levels are out of whack.

Being borderline diabetic is pretty painless, but one may slip into Type II diabetes without a clue.Progression from borderline diabetes to Type II diabetes could be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle changes – eating healthy foods, increasing physical activity, shedding a few extra pounds, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Yes, simple lifestyle changes are the best cure for borderline diabetes.

If you are diagnosed with borderline diabetes it is time to get into action. Take any word from your doctor that you have borderline diabetes, seriously. Don't let the diabetic tidal wave knock you off your feet and carry you away. Pay heed to the warning signs and do the wise things. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it's just stupidity. So, make the changes needed today to ensure a longer and healthier life.

Recently, a medical establishment has announced that the new normal blood sugar levels have been lowered. The lowering of the safety level is an alert to the people who are in danger and never realized it. Act quickly and get your blood sugar levels to normal!Watch your sugar, switch to a diabetic healthy diet and increase your physical activity! Stay safe!