Laser Uncovery of Implants

After the placement of implants, the area is either sutured over allowing the tissue to healand cover the implant or a small metal healing cap is placed on top of the implant.If the implant is buried under the gum tissue following placement, a short uncovering or loading procedure has to be performed. This usually occurs after several months of healing. Laser uncovery of implant is a minor surgical procedure performed to expose the implant and place a small healing abutment over it. This is referred to as the second stage surgery or implant uncovery, as the gums are opened to locate the implant. It is indeed a good idea to opt for a second stage implant as it allows for optimal healing and bone integration.

The Procedure
Your dentist will use a diode laser that generates a thin beam of intense light to safely remove the overlying soft tissue and expose the implant. Once the implant is located, a small metal healing cap, which was used to protect the internal threads of the implant, is removed and replaced by a healing abutment.

The Time Frame
The laser implant uncovery that involves the removal of the cover screw and attaching a healing abutment takes approximately an hour or even less.

The Side effects
Mild soft tissue inflammation, edema, gingival bleeding and pain are the side effects associated with implant uncovering procedure.

The Risks Involved
Thermal necrosis of underlying tissue and osteonecrosis of the bone are the complications that may arise from a laser implant uncovery technique.

The Recovery
Uncovering the implantis a relatively short procedure, and you can expect to return to normal activities within a day or two.The time needed for tissue healing is short, resulting in a shorter recovery period. A peri-implant soft tissue evaluation is done immediately after the surgery and seven days after the procedure to evaluate the healing status and the possibility of taking an impression. However, the gums need to heal for approximately three weeks before continuing to final impressions.

The Impact
The laser cuts precisely without infiltrative anesthesia and excellent homeostasis is resulted. Most of all your gingival contours remain stable after a laser implant uncovery procedure.

When you have an implant placed under your gums, a second appointment is absolutely necessary. Uncovering the implant and placing an anatomically shaped custom-made healing abutment helps shape the gums as they heal.