Tooth Colored fillings

Dental fillings protect your teeth against the damaging effects of decay and help prevent cavities. These fillings are specially formulated dental resins designed to restore the function, anatomy and integrity of the teeth that have been decayed or damaged. Yes, restoring and mimicking the natural appearance of the teeth is now made possible with Tooth colored fillings. You can now smile with confidence, knowing no one ever has to know you had a filling!

The Procedure
The dental composite resin is the most versatile and widely used Tooth colored filling that promises excellent durability and resistance to fractures. Here the dentist removes the decay, cleans the tooth and then fills the composite resin in the hole and shapes it to match the natural anatomy of your tooth. The tooth colored composite is then cured or hardened with a suitable light source.

The Symptoms
You may need Tooth colored fillings if you

  • Suffer from minor tooth damage or tooth decay
  • Intend to replace dark and unsightly amalgam fillings with the natural looking ones

The Eligibility
You are eligible for Tooth colored fillings if you

  • Have isolated instances of mild tooth decay without any extensive damage affecting the structural integrity of the tooth
  • Are looking for an aesthetically pleasing option to seamlessly blend and match the natural tooth color, so that no one will notice you have had a filling
  • Possess good health and have ample healthy tooth structure still remaining

The Risks Involved
You may experience tooth sensitivity and pain when biting down or applying pressure to the teeth, for a few days following the procedure.

The Impact
Tooth colored fillings provides you an aesthetic, natural looking result. If properly maintained, a tooth colored restoration can last a decade or even more.

Tooth colored fillings are a great way to enhance the visual aesthetics of your tooth. With tooth-colored restorations you will enjoy a beautifully revitalized smile that is as strong as it is healthy. Treat yourself to a stunning, bespoke smile makeover with Tooth colored fillings!