Gum Depigmentation

The health and appearance of your gums play a predominant role in the general aesthetics of your smile. It is indeed an undeniable fact that natural pink color gums are absolutely essential for a beautiful and attractive smile. However, excess melanin build up in your gums can result in splotchy darkened gum tissues. If you are self-conscious about the dark splotches on your gums, a gum depigmentation will be the most viable solution for you. This is a simple surgical procedure which alters the melanin pigment permanently by removing black spots or patches to expose the coral pink gingival tissue underneath. Do not let discolored gums ruin your smile! With gum depigmentation you can regain a healthier and “pinker” smile.
The Procedure
The dentist surgically removes the undesirable pigmentation using the scalpel technique, where the superficial pigmented epithelium is excised. Sometimes a dental laser is used to target and ablate the melanin-producing cells that cause dark spots in the gingival tissue. The beams emitted by the laser vaporizes and removes the top thin layer of dark gum, destroying the pigment producing cells. New tissue is generated during the healing process which appears to have a lighter and more uniform shade.
The Symptoms
You may need a Gum depigmentation procedure if you suffer from dark spots and patches on your gums due to excess melanin buildup.
The Eligibility
A simple guideline to qualify for a gum depigmentation surgery is to have healthy gums and a commitment to excellent oral hygiene.
The Risks Involved
In rare cases, some may have itchy gums for a short period of time after the surgery.
The Impact
The success rates with aesthetic gingival depigmentation procedure are very high, and most patients achieve an attractive, lighter-looking gums they desire. Moreover, one gum depigmentation treatment can last for about twenty years or even a lifetime.
Do not hide your smile behind your hand or your tightly clamped lips. If you are suffering from unsightly dark streaks, smears or spots that mar the appearance of your gums go for a Gum depigmentation surgery today! The foundation for a sparkling set of pearly white teeth starts with the appearance of healthy, pink gums. Yes, your gums are a reflection of your overall health!