Regeneration Injection Therapy

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Regeneration Injection Therapy

Form of injection therapy that harnesses & enhances the bodies natural defense mechanisms against inflammation to reduce pain & improve function
What is this  treatment?
Orthokine  - variant of platelet-rich plasma therapy,autologous conditioned serum
It is similar to PRP, but has some notable differences.Therapy was created by Dr. Peter Wehling, a German scientist. 
Who can take this treatment?
Athletes with sports injuries like
  • Meniscal injuries
  • Partial ACL tears
  • Cartillage injuries
  • People suffering from arthritis
Patient's blood is removed from the body and spun into component parts( red blood cells are taken and separated from the serum )

The process involves taking the the patients blood and preparing the blood so that the anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors (the serum of the blood), can be injected into either joints or tendons and other soft tissues. This leads to decreased pain and increased function and also may have a role in promoting natural healing.  Orthokine has the ability to increase the number of growth factors per procedure compared with PRP, and also has the advantage of blocking IL-1 and therefore blocking the inflammatory response. 

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