Pre Marital Reproductive Wellness

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Pre Marital Reproductive Wellness

Premarital reproductive wellness - Build a better marriage
Pre-marital reproductive screening includes a comprehensive group of tests for those intending to get married to assess their health status and identify potential pregnancy complications. Have a “snapshot” of your reproductive and sexual health today! Our Premarital screening aims at promoting and ensuring healthy reproductive opportunities for couples!

1.Blood Count


3.Serum / Creatinine / Urea

4.Urine Routine

5.Rubella Testing

6.Day 2 Hormone Testing

7. Ultra Sound Scan

8.Ovulation Testing (FS)

9.Breast,Pelvic Examination & Pap Smear / Cancer Screening 

10.Diet Counseling

11.Doctor Consultation

By appointments only and conditions apply.

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